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Book Review - The Winner Stands Alone

Title: The Winner Stands Alone.
Author: Paulo Coelho.
Publisher:  Harper Perennial.
Format: Paperback.
Pages: 384.
Genre: Contemporary, Philosophical, Novel.
Blurb: Here.

I have never done a book review,so this is going to be my debut book review! Hopefully I can review more books in future.I have couple of books stashed away.
This post is about one certain book which I finished reading recently.This is by one of my all time favorite author Paulo Coelho.


My Thoughts:
Paulo Coelho's work always leaves me fascinated and often speechless. No matter what the plot is,  he brings a tinge of spirituality or the presence of a higher being in the picture. Reading his books gives me this inner peace, as though I am reading some spiritual well being book. However this book was a tad disappointing. The story is about a Russian entrepreneur, Igor who travels to Cannes Film Festival hoping to win his ex-wife Ewa back. As mentioned in the summary, the whole book is described in a period of 24 hours. I thought the beginning was interesting and I kept hoping for something off the charts to happen. The first half of the book leaves the readers contemplating what will happen to Igor and Ewa. There was portrayal of different characters who had struggled to reach somewhere, and when they were about to reach the coveted goal in their lives  their lives were abruptly ended by Igor, who being a crazy man thought 'destroying a world' would help him win his love back.
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 I felt pity for the first victim Olivia. I thought the murder was totally not necessary. If he was so desperate to 'destroy a world' according to my opinion he should have killed somebody form the 'Superclass'. Since the 'Superclass' were the powerful ones having money flowing and making all the decisions. The second victim Javits. I basically didn't feel anything. He was a loser. The person I felt bad was for the character Maureen. She was almost going to have everything she had dreamed of and she dies in the hands of Igor. I didn't even feel that Ewa deserved any importance at all. Frankly speaking I didn't like the character Ewa.She was more like a manipulative bitch who wanted all the attention and the spotlight to be on her 24/7 and when Igor didn't give her undivided attention; she cheats on him and eventually leaves him for yet another rich and successful man Hamid. I had respect for Hamid since he had become the man he is today with hardwork and luck.

The only two characters who were spared by Igor was the model Jasmine and the aspiring actress Gabrielle. I didn't quite understand their significance in the story. It looked like an lame attempt to show that potential victims were spared.I even imagined a chance of budding love between Gabrielle and Igor. However I was in for disappointment. I kept wondering what would be the ending of the story. When detective Savoy was introduced in the story and he guessing Igor's moves, I imagined few scenarios as the ending. Igor being caught and being strait jacketed away. Igor committing suicide or Igor getting away.
By almost the ending of the book it was obvious that Igor would murder Ewa and he sure did. I felt pity for Hamid since it looked like he died an unnecessary death. The ending was the most disappointing part Igor gets away.It felt almost insulting to me that a rich guy comes and kills 5people of which 3 of them was totally irrational . Not that killing even one is rational. But cmmon Igor should have killed some arrogant rich old fools who think they can have it all with money.
I know I know I sound whiny, its just that I really wanted the book to turn out great and it didn't much to my disappointment.
My rating:

I can give an alternative ending- crazy man Igor kills some 'Superclass', realizes Ewa is not worth it,kills her,and kills himself. Tadaaaa!!!! :D
 Yeah I have a twisted mind. I get that a lot. Thankyouverymuch! :||

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