Sunday, November 13, 2011

The itch & the guilt

Me updating a new post for this blog has been my constant thought,so much that I even had dreams about it.It's just that you cant really beat the lazy couch potato that I am and turn into a new leaf!I have so many things to write about,however  as you are already aware of the saying "Too many cooks spoil the broth", too many ideas inside my head just made me all confused.When confused I run! Yea you heard it,I run from the scene of crime!
So here I am with absolutely no clue what to write.Its a windy day today.One of my friends used to say when you talk about the weather,that means you have absolutely nothing to talk about.So damn right!

At least my itch to write is subdued(its the guilt that's killing me).Guess I will be back when  my thoughts have settled from this whirlwind and can write something decent!
It was supposed to be a floral design.I went crazy when I reached my index finger!! =D

Black & Blue

Blue&black (closeup)

Paint Splatter
Till then you out there can enjoy my nail photos.

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