Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After more than a week of watching Vampire Diaries on Netflix and my endless soaps and of course obsessively checking my facebook even when I know nothing earth shattering would happen in there,I am finally settling down to write something.
Facebook,I should say is one serious addiction.I have to NEED to get over it!

Talking about other stuff,till about last year I had no clue what Thanksgiving  was all about.Well I didn't really have to. We don't have thanksgiving in India.

However things changed when I got married to R and came all the way to U.S. Here, I had to atleast know what is Thanksgiving. First of all its like a huge deal out here and its a holiday and I get R free from his work.Yeayyyy!!
Thanksgiving in short is saying thanks to the good harvest season,atleast that's what I think.
Thanksgiving= getting together with family and eating away to glory & a huge turkey :D
Since its just me and R as family I thought I would make something nice.So tossed in some spices,ghee & basmati rice and voila Ghee Rice! Spicy aromatic chicken curry.I know I know I am bragging.But its very easy for me to get overwhelmed when I make something tasty. Somebody should have seen the way R ate.Priceless!!

So this being my second thanksgiving & I am thankful for:

1. R. The most accommodating and wonderful man.Words cannot express my love for him.

2.My Parents,for they have loved me with all my flaws.I cannot thank them enough.

3.Good health

4.My few dear friends


6.Good Books


P.S This post was in my draft and is late I know,But who cares right?!

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  1. Remembering something significant may not always be as meaningful as when we realize its deeper meaning. You think not only for bounty but for every good things that happens in your life - family, friends, opportunities and everything.

    Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. - Marcel Proust on Relationship quotes


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