Thursday, December 1, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1

I got this idea from a blogger who writes real beautiful stuff.You can see her blog here.So I thought  why not give it a shot!So here goes.Of course I made few changes here & there.

Day 01: 15 interesting facts about yourself.

Okhiee  15 'interesting' facts about me.Hmmm..

1.I can be amused & distracted very easily.

2.My new obsession is nail art.

3.If something fancies my attention I would do anything & everything to get more information.For instance if I see a movie and if its based on a book.I would Google about the movie,try to get hold of the book,get to know almost every minute detail of the movie.

4.Emotional scenes be it a movie or a show always makes me teary eyed.

5.I love clothes.Absolutely adore and love them.Girly I know.Well who is denying!

6.I thoroughly enjoy instrumentals of some really nice song. Example the instrumental of 'kashmir' by Led Zeplin.

7.I believe I am very open to different types of music.However I just cannot try to like Jazz.

8. I hate puppets.Never liked them.

9.I am terrified of horror movies yet,I watch them.With R of course!

10.I hate beer,even the smell of it.I prefer red wine.

11. A good song can give me goosebumps.

12. I cook with my headphones on.That's my ME time.

13. I love the sight of books,the smell of the papers.Knowing that I have books under my possession which I am yet to read is like caffeine to me.

14. I cannot read and listen to music at the same time.I can, I do not enjoy it.

15.I have a birthmark on my forehead.

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