Wednesday, December 14, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 14

Day 14: A picture of something you ate and 10 confessions.

1.I am super scared of anything paranormal,yet I can spend hours researching about it in the internet :o
2.I am a procrastinator.
3.I love huge mugs,collages,eye makeup,smileys &Chinese food! :tup
4.Its been more than a year since I came here & I don't really miss India even though I miss my parents.
5.I am a hogger,provided, you give me food that I love. :O
6.I would love to get a teeni weeni tattoo,however after 5 piercings, I don't think I have it in me anymore!
7.I like driving R nuts!!  :v
8.Whenever I am in front of my laptop,I have my headphones on even if I am not listening to anything.Yeah I have headphone syndrome! :||
9.I want to learn how to play a guitar.Hmm.. for that matter I want to learn how to play a violin,a cello,drums and flute! :|
10. I am a birthday person.I mean,I love birthdays,especially when its mine :$ I love all the excitement related to birthdays.My birthday is next month and I am already bugging R,what he is going to get me.Crazy greedy woman,I know! :e

- Anisha

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