Tuesday, December 20, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 19

Two posts yet again..I have not been all that well lately.That would be a valid excuse,wouldn't it?Soo getting on to the challenges.

Day 19: Nicknames you have & how or why you have them.

The most common one would be 'Ani' since that's the short form of my name 'Anisha' and all my friends call me that.
Daddy&Maa plus all relatives started calling me 'Pinky' ever since I was a baby.'Pinky' as in pink pink cheeks not the pinky finger! :$

Nowadays,my nicknames change according to R's whim. Most of the times I am his 'beautiful princess' or 'honey' <3 But in crazy times I am his 'penguin' :|| Although I find all the names endearing. :)

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