Wednesday, December 21, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 21

Day 21: Share a picture from your day

I should say,this is the hardest challenge till now.I have been racking my brains out thinking about what to share from my day.Well my day is almost the same 5 days a week.Weekends are a whole different story.
A normal weekday would start randomly as follows.

Drink my elaichi rich tea, and make breakfast for R.Yeah I am known to be pretty good at multitasking.
Wait till 10:30 am (10:00 pm IST) so that I can talk to my parents.The reason behind the exact timing is,only then,will my mother dearest be free from her never ending shows in television and her household chores.After that I would spend my day aimlessly reading,cleaning,browsing the net etc.
On some days I call up P or S. S is another very close witty friend of mine.Well,we are more of 'partners in crime','great minds think alike','birds of the same feather...'you get the drift.
So since none of this really can be captured in a photo.I am clueless so I am going to leave this for now.

4 hours later..

I had kept this post in my draft since I was still out of ideas.Me and R had planned to go shopping today,however in the process of me getting ready we ended up having a fight.
No no..not the serious 'Oh my God,did I actually marry this moron' fight but the fight in which there are more of giggles than actual shouting at the top of your lungs fight.
Well in short,we ended up not going out and ordered an extra cheese,loaded with jalapenos,grilled chicken pizza & spicy chicken wings.I know I know the calories. :(
But who cares,when all it does is, bring a huge grin on my face! :O
....& voila the picture!

Photo Courtsey:R
My tummy being full,I am happy person. :e

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  1. That looks SO delicious!

    Now I have a craving for pizza :) I love jalapenos!


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