Friday, December 23, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 23

Day 23: What is something you crave.

Right now??

Okai the 'something' that I crave for right now is some noise.Yeah you heard it right!!
I thought it would be chocolates,but we went shopping yesterday and my refrigerator is loaded!So all I want is so much noise, that will tend to make me tear down my hair.
I'll explain it to you. R is suffering from toothache and when he is quiet,God, that can be hell depressing.Especially since we were looking forward to the 10 day holidays.On a normal scenario,R would keep on talking,topics varying from his latest scientific research to Led Zeppelin.He would keep bugging me when I am trying to do something be it reading,cooking or just about anything.Don't get me wrong,R is not the only one one who bugs the other person.It's mutual ;) I can be a total pain in the a*s for him as well.However,I hate it when the house is quiet :(

Sooo I'm craving for R to get well soon and bug the hell outta me.

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