Monday, December 26, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 26

Day 26: Places you want to visit before you die.

I was never a huge fan of traveling.Well that came out wrong.What I meant to say is,that I don't jump up and down with joy about traveling.Before my marriage I had been to places inside India but never outside India.I was not even very keen in going abroad as well.However karma had totally different plans for me.I get married to R and come all the way to the other side of globe, to U.S.A. 
Being with R made me realize that it is indeed a great thing to see new places,meet new people.etc.
He was in Germany for about a year and in Manchester for about 7years before he came here.Listening to his travel stories has made me a yearn to see places,atleast before I die.
Something tells me that I would..

Soo the places I would love to visit.

Reasons:Paradise on earth,the boats,the jewellery and the sheer beauty.

2. Paris
Reasons -Eiffel Tower,Most romantic place on earth,French ahh c'est l'amour!!

3.Grand Canyon
Reasons-Grand Canyon :| Look at that place!!**sigh**

4. Rome
Reasons- Colloseum:one of the seven wonders.The cheese. Leaning Tower of Pisa.After Paris I find Rome linked to romance.It's just me,I guess.

Reasons-First of all since I was working for a UK based company,I absolutely love their accent,London bridge,Big Ben,London Eye.
 6. Rio de Janeiro
Reasons-Just to see 'Christ,The Redeemer Statue'

Other than all the places mentioned above,I wouldn't mind visiting Egypt,Mount Alps,Mauritius,Seychelles,Great wall of China, etc etc :O

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