Tuesday, December 27, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 27

Day 27 : Why are you doing this 30 day challenge?

Ever since my old blog of 2 years somehow got screwed up,I was somewhat facing a block to write.Adding on to that,I was becoming a complete lazy a*s!!I wanted to gather my act together and get on with my writing.
It was not really easy.I started a wordpress account,but it had some glitches,I was not comfortable with the gadgets there.So I deleted that account and started a new one in blogger.Then, I found out that my old blog was up and running.But then,I wanted a fresh slate,so I stuck with this one and deleted my old blog.
Pretty fickle minded.I would say!! :||
Again I found it almost next to impossible to get my old writing mojo back.I had loads of ideas,none manifested!S suggested me to start a cook blog,R suggested to start a nail art blog,however I didn't want to stick on to one topic.I wanted to write about anything & everything.That's when I stumbled across this challenge and I thought to myself, maybe a little discipline to writing, would bring me back in track.

So,I guess that would be my main motive behind taking up this challenge.I wanted to feel good after writing a piece,even though nobody else saw the beauty in it.Well,its a different story when people do like what you write.

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