Monday, December 5, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 3

My excuse for not writing for the past 2 days would be.. it was the weekend and weekends are crazy with R around!! So I will be posting 3 posts today.

Day 03: A habit that you wish you didn't have.

When I think about a habit which I wish I didn't have, I can only think about my flaws,not a 'habit'.I am not implying that I don't have any bad habits.Haa!! o_O
It's just that I am lazy enough to do a check on myself to know what is one 'habit' that I have which I dislike and wished I never had.
Hmm.. >.<
There is this habit of mine which not entirely bad,however I wish I had it in control. I sleep.I totally entirely love sleeping,so much that if given a chance I can sleep the entire day without a problem.
The reason why I wish I didn't have this 'sleeping' habit is because if I were like a normal sleeper like for instance R,I would not get up sleepy eyed at 2 in the afternoon and have my cup of tea!! Now that its winter the day gets over at 4pm.So imagine my plight I get 2 hours of the day and its night again.Don't get me wrong, the oversleeping happens on weekends.I am a changed person now ;).Well for that matter I am a night person.I can stay up all night.I so wish I was a day person.
When I was a kid,I had to succumb to hours long scoldings from Dad.Everybody in my family are early risers.Wonder what went wrong in my case?!! :/
All because I love to sleep,sleep and do a little more of sleeping. :d

I so damn wish I could bring this habit to a level wherein I sleep and still don't have to feel guilty that the day is over.

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