Friday, December 30, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 30

Day 30 : A picture of you today and 20 goals you want to accomplish

No Pictures :|

20 goals to accomplish..

1)Be at peace.
2) Buy/build a sweet little home for us.
3) Love R a little bit more everyday and have more fun with him :L
4) Read and buy more books. ** bows down to the Gods of Amazon** :b
5) Go to Coldplay's concert in August 2012.Yes Yes!!! R got us the tickets.Yipeeee!!!!! :tone :tone
6) Try out more daring recipes for instance bake a cake! Yea yea I don't know how to bake :( :||
7) Finish knitting my shawl.
8) Get a driving license.
9) Visit India.
10) See more interesting places.
11) Learn how to play a guitar,so that I can bug R even more by singing annnddd playing the guitar.He's a lucky man!! :P
12) Stop being so addicted to Reese's peanut butter cup.I'm doomed as long as I am hooked! :~
13) Watch more quality movies with R.I was never a movie buff,however R who has a great taste in movies,made me watch some goddamn awesome movies!I love the discussion of the movies after the movie is long over.
14) Be there for my friends.
15)Continue blogging.
16)Grow up enough to delete my facebook account! :||
17)Continue watching all my shows,on TV and on Netflix. :D
18) Work out. Ughh!! I hate it.How I wish I could eat just about anything and still have an hour glass figure :d ** sighh sighhh**
19) Be Happy,Thankful,Blessed &In Bliss ^_^
20)How Can I forget this one.. Keep my place spick and span.

I guess most of these would be my new year resolution as well..
Yeayyy!! I finished the challenges!!! :e :mj

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