Monday, December 5, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 4

Day 04: List 15 songs that represent your life's soundtrack.

This should be interesting.Songs representing my life.I could come up with songs in several stages in my life.Here goes.

  1. 'Get Down'-Back Street Boys : This would be my first ever favorite song.My first Boy Band crush!  Loved Brian Littrell so much that that I cried myself to sleep when I heard he got married!
      2.'Maria' -Ricky Martin :My first school dance.My excitement,for the dance was beyond words . I    still remember the practice sessions and how we won the first prize.*Sigh* :d
       3.'My Heart Will Go On'-Celine Dion : Everybody knows this song.Soundtrack from the epic movie 'Titanic'. Heard and sung this song a zillion times!Fell in love with  Jack over and over again!! <3

      4.'What I Want Is What I've Got'-Westlife : This song holds a special spot in my heart,since I sang this song in college in front of an audience.Thanks to my friend P, I had the courage to go up to the stage and sing & better yet I won the first prize!!Till date I have no clue how I managed to pull it off alone on the stage!I still get jitters when I am needed to speak/sing or whatever in front of an audience.
      5.'Daughters'-John Mayer : Aah!! Mayer Mayer!! Voice like velvet.**sigh**. Long back,Daddy & I had a fight.Soon after that, I happened to listen to this song and made him listen to it. ;) I remember telling him,"Daddy,you need to listen to this song".It was like a reminder that he needs consider himself lucky to have a daughter like me. Hehehe. Yeah I was a brat!!.Somebody should have seen the way he laughed after he heard the song. Anyyways,"All's Well That Ends Well" :D
      6.'No Air'-Jordin Sparks ft Chris Brown : One of those happy,carefree, moments in office.Me and my friends discussed a LOT of music.Added feature,I totally love Chris Brown's voice.Talented chap!

      7. 'I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing'-Aerosmith : My transition from boy band craze and hip-hop to rock &roll.The lyrics still give me goosebumps!
      8.'Annie'- James Blunt: One of my favorite songs.Again, one of those awesome times in office. It seems "Annie" sounds like "Ani" according to one of my friends.I am not complaining! :P
      9.'Love Will Tear Us Apart'-Broken Social Scene: Ever since I saw the movie "The Time Traveller's Wife" I have been in love with this song. I cannot seem to get the words to describe the reason why I admire this song.Nevertheless it remains a part of my life.
       10.'Home'-Michael Buble :When I was homesick after I reached U.S with R.I was so miserable.I was missing my Daddy and Maa so bad.. :(
       11.'Fix You'-Coldplay :First song I heard from Coldplay and the reason behind my utmost passion towards their music.Love Coldplay.Love Chris Martin!! I must have bored R to the brink of a nervous breakdown by singing their songs over and over again.

      12.'Leavin On A Jet Plane'-John Denver : I must have heard this song and cried my eyes out almost every night when I was in India without R.That's when I decided NEVER to go to India without R.

      13.'Better Man'- Pearl Jam : As mentioned before.My Transition. Refer #7
      14.'Kashmir'-Led Zeppelin : I love Led Zeppelin.R introduced me to Led Zeppelin.So far I am hooked!!
      15.'Mr Brightside' - The Killers : Upbeat and energetic song.Again R is the  reason you would find me singing this song even in sleep. :D

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