Tuesday, December 6, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 6

Day 06: A hobby you have.

I have had various hobbies in my life.Nothing extra ordinary.Always the normal mediocre hobbies.Listening to music,browsing the net,of late nail art.However the one hobby which has been consistent in my life is Reading.

I guess I have it in my genes.Daddy was/is a voracious reader.So you get the picture.Ever since I was a kid,I was seen huddled in front of books with pictures,which gave way to Enid Blyton's books,Nancy Drew series,Hardy Boys etc etc.I have stayed up nights just because I couldn't put the book down :LMy reading went to such an extent that Daddy even had to confiscate the books from me,so that I will join them for dinner!!
I still remember how Daddy didn't let me read a book by the great Sidney Sheldon giving me the reason that I was 'not grown up enough' :P
One of my favorite childhood time pass was to go to the library.Watching aisles & aisles of books was/is surely an eye candy for me.I have read books varying from comics to classics and I understand that I have just scratched the surface! 
R knows this craze of mine and has made a deal with me. He will get me newer books in return I need to cook for him delicious food.Well that seems to be a fair deal,since my cooking has taken a turn for the better! :e

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