Wednesday, December 7, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 7

Day 07: Someone/something that has the biggest impact on you.

That would be my Mom.I don't think there is any other person in my life who has had so much impact on me.She has been both a mother and a friend to me.She has taught me life's lessons in so many ways that if I am the way I am today (which I think is not so bad),I owe it to her.We have had our differences of opinion,but at the end of the day I find it very difficult to go against her will.Even in the rebellious teenage years we have had numerous arguments I found that it was next to impossible to go against her.Not because she wouldn't let me,because I just couldn't stand to hurt her.However,me being a nut case has gone astray many a time,only to realize that she was right all the way.
I could talk about  anything under the sun to her.Our topics would range from household chores to emotional drama.
Trivial as this sounds,I still watch a Hindi serial in Star Plus online just because it reminds me of the happy days I spent with mom as just as her daughter. :(

I used to love shopping with mom because she would give me accurate opinions about what I should buy and what not to buy.I was so dependent on her that when I came to U.S with R,I couldn't decide what clothes to buy and what not to!!
I have not been the perfect daughter yet she loved me all the same.She has argued for and against me.She has stood up for me,believed in me.She has driven me crazy with her religiousness,which I now understand gives her peace of mind and I need to respect that.Now that I am on the other side of the globe,I miss her everyday.
Thank heavens that we have Skype and Vonage. Atleast I get to see her and talk to her when I want.

I love you,Maa and Thankyou.


  1. Anisha, this is true true true!!! When I meant we had things in common I never expected it to be so much in common. The one you mentioned after moving to U.S is exactly the same with me. I have had hard times on deciding what to buy and what not to!! Yes, Skype and Vonage are saviours for us. :) Wonderful post!!

    1. Thankyou Ini.
      Vonage and skype all the way!


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