Thursday, December 8, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 8

Day 08: Short term goals for this month and why.

Firstly I am not a 'goal' person.I have no goals.Since this challenge needs me to enlist my goals for this month,I don't have much choice,do I?

1.Finish reading 'The Bluest Eye' : I have this book with me and I can't seem to get the pages moving 8| Besides,I have other books to give my undivided attention to. 

2.Explore Foo Fighters :I happened to hear one their songs 'The Pretender' & absolutely fell in love with it.Need to listen to it more \m/

3.Keep my place clean : The most frustrating part in my life is cleaning up.I don't understand how the place gets dirty so soon. >.<

4.Try out new nail art : My nails right now, looks nude! :( It has nothing on.I need to come up with something nice.

5.Try out new recipes : There was a time when I used to despise cooking.I just managed with the bare minimum.Poor R.!! However I decided to turn into a new leaf & started to try out stuffs with a different attitude and voila the food is delicious! Atleast wayyy better than my old achievements :|| I came across a lot of great cook blogs and I am all game for new experiments.

6.Continue watching 'Bones' on Netflix :Self explanatory.

7.Continue with blogging: Now that I got my writing mojo back.I am going to try to keep up the mojo up and running!

8.Not to be lazy : :|

9.Try not to devour all the Christmas chocolates : ;)

10.Remain Happy:Smile,Laugh out loud,Dance like crazy woman!! :O :r :e :mj

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