Saturday, December 31, 2011

Retrospecting 2011,New year,New beginnings

Ladies & Gentlemen,
As you are all aware,I have successfully completed my 30 day challenge**drumroll**I couldn't be more happier :O :party
I wanted to reward myself by giving a new look for my blog plus,the new year was just around the corner.For the past few days I have been desperately searching for a template for my blog which would reflect me,but in vain!! >.<
So I decided, why not give my blog a plain white look and just a picture at the top.However,me being a random queen couldn't just figure out which is that ONE picture which is best suited for my blog.After much ado and drama,I decided I can mash up all the pictures I liked into a collage and voila!

I feel bad for the pictures that didn't make it to the top.Pun intended!

I am quite pleased at the outcome.Lemee know what you think of it.

So it's that time of the year yet again.I have never been able to describe how my year has been.Let me explain,I have heard people saying,"Last year was really good' or "last year was really screwed up" etc etc.
For me, a whole year is more like a roller coaster.Sometimes good,sometimes bad,sometimes plain mediocre & stagnant.

So,if I loosely organize 2011, it was my first new year away from my family.I had reached U.S in October 2010.It was our(mine& R's) first new year together.There was snow all around and I wasn't complaining one bit :O My first birthday away from my family.R made sure it would be one of the most romantic and memorable birthdays I have ever had.Aaah I love that guy!! :$ :L
I experienced my first snowfall and that indeed was priceless!!The winter continued and in February I witnessed the first ever blizzard.Snow upto 22 inches.Holy crap!!My first valentine's day with R :L
March was quite exciting,me and R went to L.A for his conference.I met many of his friends who soon became my friends as well.I felt welcome.Saw Hollywood,walked through the roads of 'Walk of Fame'.Celebrated R's birthday in April.Went to India by the end of April.Was miserable for almost 2 months since R was in U.S and me in India.
Was back in U.S by June end.By then it was summer here.Never for a minute did I miss India.I was way too happy to be here with R.More settling down and buying more stuff to turn our home more cozier and comfortable.August end,our first wedding anniversary.One of those memorable days in my life.
After that,it was more love,more drama,more netflix,more reading,more cooking.more shopping,a snow less Christmas and today,its the New year's Eve.

I hope 2012 would bring us all the happiness and a pinch of drama in our lives. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you out there a beautiful new year.Hope all of our dreams come true.Hopefully 2012 will be as action packed as 2011.

Happy 2012!!


Make me a happy bunny, would ya? :D