Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekly update

Well to start with,the past week was pretty much monotonous.

In the creative section I am in the process of knitting a shawl.I have 2 more yarns to go and it's killing me.I am blessed with lack of patience. :| This is how it looks as of now.
This,was my birthday manicure.The photo didn't really come out as well as I had expected.It was a glitter theme.The lighting was bad and trust me,it looks way better in real. 8)

I was more or less having a blank state of mind, and didn't have anything to write about.I would start out with something and would click 'save' and that's the end of it.

My cooking section decided to get screwed up this week.Nothing seemed to come out right.Goddd wouldn't that piss anybody off??!!!Some time back I was in the process of making my ever so famous  spicy beef fry.Guess what happened..?! I burnt the masala. Arrrgghhhh!!!! :@

My reading section remains stunted.I cant seem to read anything especially when both my hands are busy knitting and so are my eyes.I am still stuck in the ending section of 'Bluest Eye'

In the music section all that I have to say is,I'm addicted to this song.I was never a huge fan of Atif Aslam,even though he has a  commendable voice.A friend of mine had suggested this song.The song kinda grows on you.Stirs up a lotta emotions.

In the emotional/matters of the heart section I have been lying low.Haven't really been talking to my few handful friends.Missing maa,P,S & few others. :(

Moving the visual entertainment aka television/Netflix section I am now officially addicted to 'Grey's Anatomy'.Till about few weeks back,it was 'Bones',however I finished all the seasons in Netflix and now have to wait for the weekly episodes on television instead of clicking 'next episode' on my laptop. :|| So I started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.I am currently in season 4 :O

In the weather section I was found in a quite exuberant mode though.The reason being,it snowed.It snowed & snowed & snowed.In spite of my high spirits,I have to yet,rant that its freekin cold!!!

In the beauty section I have to shape my eyebrows.I am more or less like a bushy eyebrow woman. :|| On a happy note,I am quite pleased with the 'Conair spin air brush'.It's like a hair brush with a dryer inbuilt.It dries my hair while styling it as it dries.How cool is that?!!
In the browsing random sites/blogs section I came across this site called I waste so much
Hilarious would be an understatement!
This is one picture I found in that site.Awww doesn't he look almost adorable.The caption was'Hitler In Love'
Another site would be Post Secret.A website where people send their secrets anonymously in a postcard and it gets published every Sunday I suppose.

That's all for now. Thankyou! :)


  1. You've been a very busy body! :)

    For the life of me I can't seem to understand knitting. I admire you for doing that. :)

  2. Thanks hun!
    We had a compulsory knitting session in school.That's how I managed :)


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