Monday, January 2, 2012

What did you do in the holidays??

Since it was the holiday season here,I have been super lazy,adding on to it,R was having a break as well.So it was always,I cannot stress enough, late nights and reaallly late mornings.We had planned, to go downtown Chicago,cook awesome food,watch movies,and enjoy to the fullest.Well,almost nothing of that sort happened!! :|

First of all,R had this tooth ache which left him incapable of eating anything solid,so that left me cooking porridge or soup :| There were no doctors available and somehow we managed to get an emergency appointment to get him the medications.Now that the holidays are almost over,he's all okay now.How uncool is that??!!
The weather was not helpful one bit.It never snowed.It was always cloudy  and dark and what not.. So going to downtown Chicago never happened. We both ended up huddled in our home watching shows,movies&online shopping.He would sit in a couch and watch some war movie and I would sit in another couch and watch 'Bones' or read some blogs.Every now and then we both would take a break and talk animatedly like as though we just met!!We would have conversations and play poker till about 2-3am and then go to sleep tired.The next thing I know its 12 noon.Somehow we would drag us outside our bed and continue the cycle.

However,I have to hand it over to R.Even in the times of unbearable pain,R still managed to pull my leg,make me laugh and bug me!!On New Year's eve,R was feeling quite okay, so we I cooked beef biriyani inspired from Ria's collection. It turned out yummy!Don't believe me??Ask R.On new year,we went shopping in this horrid weather.Aren't we a strange couple?! :O The icy wind was blowing right on my face that I had tears streaming out of my eyes.I ain't complaining.I was way too happy to go out shopping.Which girl doesn't love shopping,huh?For me, the term shopping is applicable even for window shopping.All I need to do is to see stuffs.Well I wouldn't mind buying as well. ;)We watched a movie called 'Insidious',about which I'll write another post.If I am asked to describe the movie in one word,it would be hidious. Or on second thought I might not even do a review for it.Aahh what the heck!

Anyhoo,R has to be back at work from tomorrow.So no more late nights and late mornings afternoons. :(
No more being the laziest couple on planet earth.
I must say,it sure was fun!I sure will miss the holidays :c Until the next time...


  1. Oh that sucks!!
    But I am sure you are glad he is ok now. No fun managing a big baby ;)


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