Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wishful thinking

** DISCLAIMER** I don't mean to offend anybody by this post.This is just, as my title suggests,wishful thinking.So please don't conspire against me.

So I have been thinking..What if the tables were turned?      

Let me indulge in some seriously unnecessary and time consuming thought.I was just wondering what if all the rules don't apply anymore??I am not making any sense,am I?
Okay, imagine a scenario wherein the people with gorgeous bodies are the biggest hoggers!The more you eat the the more skinnier you become!The world would be a whole different place then,won't it?

This thought was triggered by my paranoia of my increasing waistline.So cut me some slack yea?
So if you can roll with me in this one,lets imagine together,a world where the women who eat the most have the perfect hour glass figure and the men end up with perfect abs!!And the other section of the population who does not devour just about anything edible in their sight are unbelievably fat!!!The more you diet and work out the more obese you are!! Haaaa!! that would be hilarious! Just imagine,going through all the pain and sweat only to realize that you are just on the heavy side of the scale!! God!! that would be some cruel joke!
I mean,just think about it.All the calories,all the sugar..just building blocks to a great body!! **Huge sigh**

I could eat just about anything and still mange to have a great body! :P Hey wait,another thought just popped in my head.Even if the rules are all changed,I will still remain like this. :| I am not much of a hogger nor do I fast myself to death.I just eat the things I like,more or less like a crazy person.That leaves me somewhere in the middle right?Neither obese nor anorexic.. I would still be the okayish!! :(
That is so damn uncool! **pout**
Okay I have officially realized that this whole thing was a waste of time.No point wasting your energy turning tables!
I am major pissed at myself now!Goddd,me and my crazy brain!!!


  1. LOL!! That would be funny actually :)

    On a side note - After coming to USA I too had gained weight. The best thing I ever did was cut back on the junk food - I know it sounds the same ol' same ol' but it DID do me good :)

  2. Good for you girl!! But how can u exist without junk food?? :o I'll have to cut down too..** pout**


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