Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Book Review - Thanks For The Memories

Title: Thanks For The Memories.
Author: Cecelia Ahern.
Publisher: Harper Perennial.
Format: Paperback.
Pages: 384.
Genre: Chick lit, Romance, Feel Good.
Blurb: Here.


Since love is in the air, here is another book review.'Thanks for the memories' by Cecelia Ahern. I am not really a huge romance novel fan. I didn't even know about Cecelia Ahern, that's when I happen to see the movie,' P.S I love you' starring the ever so gorgeous Gerald Butler **sigh**  and Hilary Swank.
This movie would remain one of my favorites no matter what. That's when I noticed the author. Sadly I never got a chance to read the book version of the movie. Maybe ..someday..I had managed to read 'A place called here' ,'  If you could see me now' and now 'Thanks for the memories'. What I noticed is, that all her plots have a touch of surrealism. I am past the age of reading fairy tales, nevertheless her characters are somewhat believable and almost endearing to the say the least.

My Thoughts:
An almost predictable story between 2 people, Joyce Conway & Justin Hitchcock. Joyce Conway is introduced in the book as a woman trying to get over the loss of her unborn baby as a result of her fall from the stairs. This loss was the last nail to the coffin since this was the only thing gluing her and her husband Conor. As a result of the recent misfortunes she moves in with her Irish father. Anyone would fall in love with him. An amiable chap! Justin Hitchcock, on the other hand is a divorced American who is an art & architecture guest lecturer in Dublin. Justin is talked into donating blood and as the reader already guessed, the blood goes to Joyce while she was hospitalized.
As Joyce is on the path of recovery, she realizes that she now, has knowledge and memories which are not hers. She starts getting overwhelming feelings of deja vu and almost convinces herself that she has gone crazy! She finds herself astounded when she explains about the intricate details of architecture to his father. The novel continues with the two characters chance meetings without really realizing what is drawing them to each other.
I was a little disappointed since I was expecting a more grand ending. It almost felt like as though the fire got extinguished prematurely. But then..if you are in for a light, heartwarming read, who am I to stop you, eh ? :)

My rating:


  1. Good to see you back, Ani! :)
    I am currently not in a girl-boy romance thing (as you can see from my book reviews) Teeeheeeheee! But Gerard Butler? *swooooon*!

  2. Its good to be back,Raj! I kno Ikno I hav been reading ur reviews..You have sparked my interest as well ;)

  3. Sounds like a good read! (Mentally adding it to Flipkart Buy cart!

  4. It's a 'not so great,not bad' & light read Rohit.If you are lookin for such a genre,go ahead!

  5. If you haven't read P.S.I Love You yet then I suggest that you don't!

    I am a hardcore "Book over Movies" fan. I have always felt that movies can never measure up to the books. And there has been only two exceptions so far - One: Cecelia Ahern's P.S.I Love You & second: L.J.Smith's Vampire Diaries. I found the movie & the tv series far better than the books. (BTW, I too am a BIG Damon Salvatore Fan!!!)

  6. Aaah welcome to the club Mohur.I love the Tv series Vampire diaries,Haven't read the book.Thanks for the tip.will keep that in mind :)

  7. wow i just love her books! cecelia rocks my world!! i absolutely love a place called here!mesmerize~


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