Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥♥It's valentine's day...♥♥

Yet again,valentine's day my dear people.It's just any other day,I know.I know,it's been hyped by the media so that they can have their sales skyrocketed.But c'mmon you guys,let's cut some slack here and go with the flow yea?
So,a very happy valentine's day to you all :)
I wouldn't say I am a huge V.day fan nor am I an anti V.day.Last year,it was mine & R's first V.day together and there were candles,roses,chocolates and what not..Cliched much???Nahhh!!
So this year we decided no "gifts".Nevertheless I am in a festive mood.So what do I do when I am excited?Well,I'm capable of doing a hell lotta weird things.For the time being let's just focus on what I did or rather what we did on our 2nd V.day together.

Trivia first.I did my nails.I did a V.day inspired manicure.It looked too loud on my nails,so me famous for my fickle mindedness quickly removed it from my nails and came up with another V.day manicure.

The initial fiasco

Soo hows it,eh?? I thought drawing hearts on nails would be almost next to impossible.Well, thanks to the million nail fanatic blogs,I found a way out.All you need, is a toothpick/needle, dip in your favorite color nail polish and draw a 'V' and it looks like a heart on your nails! Tadaa!!

Even though we decided on no gifts this year, I still wanted to surprise him something.They say,'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.'In R's case,you couldn't be more sure.I had made Fish Molee yesterday :O
Why the grin?? I'll explain.I am not really a fish person and I suck at making fish curry. All I can mange to do is toss in some marinade and fry the fish's a%#. That's when my dear friend S tells me about this blog,Vazhayila.com. Awesome would be an understatement!! Vazhayila in our language means banana leaf.I stumbled upon this recipe and thought to give it a try especially since I had all the ingredients..half fearing that I would f* it up! What can I say,other than the fact that it came out well and R almost finished the whole thing in a jiffy! :O
Almost zero photographic skills, I know :( Apologies!

Other than the fish molee,Today I managed to make Mangalorian chicken ghee roast & Kuttanadan chicken roast.I haven't yet taken any pictures.

As for dessert,I made Kesari.For the population who is not aware of what kesari is,let me enlighten you.Kesari is a sweet dish made from rava or cream of wheat.Sweets are not my strong point when it comes to cooking.I still remember how I burnt the besan while trying to make besan ladoo :|  Today was my lucky day I assume.My kesari came out pretty good. 
Yea yea,brag post,I know.Didn't I leave a warning at the beginning??? No?Aahh well..Now that you have come so far, you may as well go through  the whole thing ;)

So when I had said no gifts,I think R didn't quite get the concept.He went ahead and ordered 'The girl who played with fire' & 'The girl who kicked the hornet's nest'!!!!!!!!! Oh my God! Oh my God!If anybody had read this,they would know how badly I wanted these books.Isn't he a dahling!? I am not complaining one bit.

Me, now the proud owner of 'The Millenium Series' aka 'Dragon Tattoo Trilogy' :O

So,this is how our V.day went.How did yours go???

Hope all of you had a nice time with your loved ones.It doesn't necessarily have to be with a boyf/girlf or husband/wife right? V. day is about love right?? Spread the laaaaaveee <3 <3 <3
Until next time..Peace 


  1. I would say you had a WONDERFUL V-Day :D

    Oh my! I was so sucked into the three books that I made DH watch the movie... He loved it too. Watch the Swedish version - VERY true to the book. (I can't comment on Eng version as I haven't watched it)


  2. We sure did :)
    While I was reading the first book,R finished watching all the 3 movies in netflix!
    Probably I should watch,once I am done reading.Thanks for the tip Girl :)

  3. Totally Agreed...Me too a big Millennium Trilogy Fan.. ANd BTW Fish Moilee is my Fav too and I am salivating a sea reading the storm you conjured up in the Kitchen..Great going!!...Fab gift to Hubbie..I stuck it out with the tried and tested and perpetually successful Bunch of red roses..

    1. @Hari..Haha funny u r..Played safe with the roses huh? :p
      Millennium trilogy fan? Join the club mate!


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