Sunday, March 4, 2012

Knitting escapades!

Soo..I have been knitting all these days,that's why the silence! Plus, I have been having a serious lack of motivation to write.Then,I thought I could write about my knitting phase.As some of you have noticed,I am the kind of a person,who if fancied by something,would want to know everything about it and master the skill *not master exactly* 
Some time back,it was cooking,that I had taken a soft spot for,then it went on to nail art,and now knitting.Fortunately or unfortunately even though I am over a phase in my life,I don't really leave it at it.I mean,I am like a (read would like to be) jack of all trades and master of get the picture right?
By now R doesn't flinch anymore if one fine morning his wife has declared she needs to be an expert in playing the bongo! *smirk*

Anyhoo,what I am trying to say is,right now knitting is my current obsession.'The girl who kicked the hornet's nest'  lies on my couch unattended and I have a gnawing guilty feeling.I'll come to you,I will..How in the hell am I supposed to read when I have both my eyes and hands busy knitting away,eh?Everyday I swear I'll read,but then when I lay my hands on my knitting needles and yarn,I literally cannot stop! I swear!!

I don't really remember my initial reaction to knitting when I was a kid.I didn't really have a choice.It was compulsory in school.I cannot remember whether I was frustrated when I couldn't get it right.All I know now,is that I love the way a simple ball of yarn turns into a scarf or a cap or a sweater or whatever you want it to be.I am used to knitting a scarf in the most normal,plain jane manner.I have never ventured out into the realms of the unknown land of knitting.I was happy where I was,until one fine day one of my friends,N shows me a video of a kinda lacy looking scarf.The video looked quite easy and I was intrigued.After 4-5 pulling my hair out futile attempts,I managed to get the knack of it.Ladies & Gentlemen,without much ado,here is the much discussed scarf.

Close Up


After gloating around for some days,I was bored again and wanted to knit a cap,but not just any cap.I wanted to know how to knit a beret cap.For those who don't know what a beret cap is,go google it :P All I could find was tutorials on knitting a beret cap with a crochet or circular needles or double pointed needles, and here I thought there was just one type of knitting needles!! :||
After hours and days of researching,I found a blog with a tutorial explaining how to knit a beret cap with straight needles.What more do I need huh?
So I started off with the next project.I had no real clue how it's going to end,however I was in for a pleasant surprise.I'll show you how it came out.

Quite the proud female out here. :D This weekend I had bought some knitting supplies;more yarn,more needles which includes crochet needles as well.Right now I am trying to knit another cap,its a little more lacy.So I guess in the next few days I can be found fiddling with my needles.I am yet to review 'The girl who played with fire'. I will.I will.
(Photos Courtesy: R)

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