Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Opinion renewed!

I have never really been a believer of lucky draw or lottery or anything of that kind.Maybe it's because I have not won anything.'Luck' was never on my side :| Having said that, winning in a couple of competitions during school/college is a totally different thing! :|| I was always skeptical about this whole sweepstakes/closeout scenario.I always thought there was a catch, a loophole!

What I am saying here, is about the ones where you win,just like that,without much effort from your side.Be it a small amount of discount on your next shopping or a grand cruise!

-How many of you have given lucky dip/scratch and win/giveaway/lottery a try?
-How many of you have waited in the long unruly queues not perturbed about the weather or anything  for that matter for Black Fridays so that you can get unbelievable discounts?
-How many of you have actually drank a whole bottle of Coke and thrown the bottle away without even a second thought of adding the code in Coke Rewards and getting some fancy rewards?I had just unearthed  the coke rewards knowledge very recently.Ignorant,you may call me.
-How many of you have really really checked Walmart bills to see that they have contests as well and the winner might get some substantial amount discount on their next purchase!

I must have tried once or twice and obviously never won a dime and never bothered to look back.I know a friend whose parents used to win some or the other prizes in contests like the ones I mentioned.Once,they even received couple of gold coins!!How,I wondered.There are a million people applying for these,how can we possibly win in that random lucky draw.Thus,we, I became complacent and ended up not bothered lazy to even try.
So I have never really tried them.There are numerous giveaways in various blogs and other sites.I have seen people getting excited over the prize and I wryly wonder,'What's the point ?!' I never did.I never bothered,until recently.
I thought,why not try,yet again.I mean I'm not losing anything by trying.Some months back we received a silver cutlery set from the airlines in which we had traveled to India and back.All that I did was enter the boarding pass code number.As simple as that!
I am a member of Goodreads and they host plenty of giveaways.Have I participated in any of the giveaways?Yes,I have and never won a single book..until TODAY!!! :D
Now you see what I am getting at,eh? ;)
I won!! I won!!
The book's name is Wife 22 :A Novel by Melanie Gideon

Out of 860 people requesting,I happen to be one of the lucky 60!!!!
Early morning,when I checked my mail,this is the first mail I saw, that I am one of the winners of the giveaway.There is still goodness left on earth :O So I have decided I am not going to stop myself in indulging in some safe betting.Bring it on sweepstakes/giveaways!!

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