Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The vacation that it was..

**DISCLAIMER : Ultra long post!** 
Don't tell me that I didn't warn you..

So..It's been almost 2 weeks since we got back from our my 'vacation'..well since it was more of a conference for R.We had gone to San Diego for a week. If I am asked to describe the vacation in one word it would be um..Eventful. 
We had booked tickets in South West Airlines(there is a reason why I have mentioned the name) and in the airport I meet R's boss and his wife for the first time in my life. You should understand that the boss that we are talking about here, is one of the most cited scientists in the world! Yup!The wife seemed friendly,she kinda resembled Meryl Streep.Classy. And all the time in my head,**'Behave,wife of a great scientist'** . So you can imagine the pressure and behave presentable :| I was nervous of course, however tried my level best to look cool. It seems I did a good job(as per R :|| )
The reason why I mentioned the name of the airlines is because they don't have seat numbers!I mean,all that is mentioned in your boarding pass is whether you are the first to board or the last.So the seats were occupied in a first come first serve basis.Me and R were the last batch to board and of course we couldn't find 2 adjacent seats and guess who calls me to sit next to her seat.Yeas the boss's wife! By now you would have understood that I am no where next to confident.It's all a mask you guys. Anyway, I get the window seat and R manages to grab some aisle seat.The wife starts talking and I politely responded.The only common topic was books.We exchanged views and opinions about some of the books we had read and then came the awkward silence.We had run out of topics to talk.Duh! We both resumed to the respective books we had been holding in our hands.

4 hours later
We reach our destination.We were more than relieved.Got our luggage,called a cab and reached our hotel- The courtyard- Marriot(Again,there is a reason). I was a tad bit intimidated with San Diego.Unlike the suburbs in Chicago where we live,San Diego was loud.Real Loud.People everywhere.Unending rows of restaurants,homeless people,traffic signals at every nook and corner!Plus due to the conference there was a significant increase of people scientists.The next 5 days R had to attend the conference plus he had 2 talks to present.So that leaves me..well jobless.The next day when I sit in my hotel room deciding what to do next I get a call from the boss's wife asking me to join her to go the zoo,which by the way is quite famous.However me being the fraidy cat and for some unknown reason I flustered and turned her offer down! The moment I hung up,I regretted it.Ideal scenario,I would call her back and have a gala time with her in the zoo.But nothing of that sort happened. :|| Me and R met at lunch and he was more than pissed when I narrated what had happened.It was a perfect insult to injury scene!Hmmph!

Anywayie..Everyday R would leave early morning to the conference after fetching me a cup of coffee(Isn't he the sweetest!) I would lazily get up,call my parents and roam around for the rest of the day, and in the evenings we would all go out for dinner and drinks.We came across some really awesome restaurants.
Slowly I came in terms with the vibe of the city.Unlike Anaheim,which was more of a family place because of DisneyLand where we went last year for our 'vacation'/conference,San Diego had more colors and a positive ambiance.The atmosphere was more energetic and young.In midst of the city where we lived,I even came across a ahemm.. strip club! Well call me a country mouse, but I have NEVAA seen a strip club in my entire life.Well now I can strike that one off my bucket list* snort*

Fast Forward
R had taken an extra day off so that we can go sight seeing.Early morning our tour bus picked us up and off we went.Old town San Diego had a Mexican touch,well for that matter Mexico was a just an hour away.I witnessed the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life,the beach in La Jolla.The water was various hues of blue and white sand.I thought I reached heaven.I didn't feel like leaving the place.It was stunning!The tour bus took us to a certain hotel called Del Cornado which was the backdrop in the movie 'Some Like It Hot' starring Marilyn Monroe.Lastly we had one hour harbor cruise.It was frikkin cold,however I manged to see two dolphins!Heee :O Overall it was a pretty okay tour package.

Photo Time(Courtesy R) 

Now for the Comedy of Errors

-San Diego being in California,we expected it to be warm only to realise it was colder than Chicago.All my new spring clothes were hidden under my jacket! *pout*

-Even though we were staying in a supposedly grand Hotel Marriot,the location was just sad.The hotel is situated right in the middle of the city and there was no sense of calm whatsoever.

- On the third day,R is ready for the conference, and me still in the sleep mode,the door bell rings,one of the hotel officials informs us there wont be warm water till 6PM! Can you believe that!! I already mentioned that it was cold,didn't I?

-On one of our dinner dates with his friends,R is ready to take a pic of us,we are all posing for the camera,when R goes ahead and drops the camera in glass of water!Shocked faces everywhere except me.I don't know whether it was my Thai Necklace cocktail,I found the situation unbelievably funny,resulting in peals of laughter which I had to stifle soon.The camera is no more of any use and we had to buy a new one!

- The last night in our Hotel,we find there is no water! God I was fuming,We had to call the reception desk twice to get some help.

By this time me & R couldn't wait to get back home.Overall,San Diego was fun and now I'm tired if typing :|

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