Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wordsy wednesdays

Since I don't really have a writing pattern and the fact that I write any gibberish I feel like,I thought its high time I start a tradition in my blog.The idea is more or less borrowed.Well,who really cares.So I have decided that alternate Wednesdays would be a brief description on my current situation.Make sense? Okhaie..

Working on/Creating : My crocheting skills.. which btw is pathetic :|

Cuisine for the day : Dosa & Spicy Egg Roast.

Listening to : 'Because of You' - Neyo

WatchingTrue Blood.

Reading Bag of Bones- Stephen King.
                        Shades of Truth- Naomi Kinsman.

Drinking: Apple Juice.

Excited about : Winning yet another book in Goodreads giveaway!

Wondering : How to make R's birthday special.

Thinking about : Um..I am blank as of now!

Loving : The fact I won 3 books in Goodreads giveaway.Err.. I know I mentioned it already.I am just
               extremely happy about it. (Sue me! :| :P)
Obsessing over : A book of crosswords and puzzles.

Wishing : I could go window shopping with my girl friends namely S & P.Miss you girls. :(

Craving : A warmer Spring.Is that too much to ask ?! :||


  1. I am a very wordy person, so I like this! Might post one myself tomorrow.

    Stopping by from Blogaholics!


  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Paula :)


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