Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordsy Wednesdays

Working on/Creating : A new scarf..only to find that turned out way too thin.I'm still going ahead with it.

Cuisine for the day : Rice& Coriander Chicken.

Listening to : 'What Makes You Beautiful' -One Direction.

Watching : True Blood.

Reading : Nothing.I am totally hooked to the above.


Excited about : Birthday Plans for R.

Wondering : Whether this whole Wednesday 'tradition' was after all a good idea?

Thinking about : Making a list of the stuff to buy.

Loving : R's brown hoodie.How come my hoodie doesn't make me feel warm?!
Obsessing over : Cleaning up my place.Vacuuming,spray cleaning,mopping,what not!

Wishing : For a pair of ballet flats.

Craving : Chocolate Icecream :||


  1. I *heart* hoodies! You'll always catch me in those at home! :)
    Again, I am so awed that you can knit! I can't and I don't think anyone can teach me either! LOL :D

  2. Youtube is your guide to awesome knitting instructions! :)

  3. ani i kno what u mean...youutube thought me to make perfect allamerican cookies n brownies and techniques to knit a is the ultimate guru- poornima


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