Thursday, April 19, 2012

You know what I miss..

1)...I miss my bed back home.

2)...I miss my mom,her food,her emotional blackmail(that's how she gets her way).I guess that superpower has been passed down to me. :D

3)...I miss the hot hot really hot days when a normal ceiling fan would be like a cool breeze in a desert!

4)...I miss getting pissed off with mom when she cooks something which,evidently is not my favorite!

5)...I miss the chain texts from friends.

6)...I miss the fact that I could just kick back and relax since I was the spoiled brat who never had to pick a spoon in my 'apple of my parents eye aka single' phase.

7)...I miss the lazy Saturday afternoons when I could spend time with my favorite aunt and my mom when they sit around have a cup of chai and something hot and tasty to eat and gossip.

8)...I miss getting an earful from daddy since I slept late the previous night resulting in me waking up past 10 AM!!

9)...I miss spending hours on the phone with my friends discussing something as trivial as what to wear for some party or a wedding.

10)...I miss the power cuts.Even though we curse and swear at the government for the power cut,it was our special time to go to the terrace and gaze at the stars,even though we couldn't make out many.It was our time,family time.

11)...I miss the petty fights with friends over something or someone and the making up after the fight with excessive amounts of emotional drama and tears :O

12)...I miss going out my partners in crime(P,S,&A) for shopping only to find ourselves roaming around aimlessly.I miss you girls.

13)...I miss the relief I experience when I reach home after a crappy day at office.

14)...I miss the chaos and clutter in my life then. :| (I can be weird sometimes)

15)...I miss the auto rickshaw rides,the crowded buses,the traffic,the incessant honkingof horns!

16)...I miss bargaining at shops. :O

17)...I miss my library,where I used to spend hours contemplating which books I need to take back home.

18)...I miss the fact breakfast was not an option back home.

19)...I miss watching Star Plus soaps with my mom.

20)...I miss my 'glow in dark' stars in my room.

Now proceeding to invent new adventures in my new home!

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