Saturday, May 26, 2012

T-shirt to T-shrug!

I'm quite certain that I must be the worst blogger EVA! Post one day and then go on a hiatus for a century :| I was on a 'brain dead,couch potato,watching numerous TV shows' stage and basically enjoying my life 8)There was nothing worth writing about.. read,I was plain lazy.
Anyhoo,ladies,this post  might more or less get your attention, if at all,you are kind enough to still read my blog . ^_^
Most of you must have heard of Pinterest.I'm not yet a signed member but I love looking at beautiful things and mind you it sure is addictive.
So on one of those monotonous days,I came across something in Pinterest and thought I should give it a try.T-shirt Upcycling.Ever come across a situation where you have many bland looking tees and thought of spicing things up.I have just the thing for you.Obviously the idea is not mine,I nicked it from the above site.;)
I picked up an one of R's old tee shirt and started working on it.I'm not an expert in stitching so don't bother judging my rather primitive stitching technique :||

Without further ado..

I couldn't believe how easy it was.
All you need:  An old tee
                     Pair of scissors
                     Basic stitching knowledge
                     A ribbon or whatever you can use for tying the whole thing up.

Step 1: Lay your tee on a plain surface.

Step 2: Cut through the middle.

Step 3: Chop off that neck line.
 how ridiculous does the 'chopping' look!?

 Step 4: Turn the tee inside out and start stitching away so that you can form a casing.Why?so that you can pass the ribbon/string through.

Step 5: Pull the string/ribbon through the casing using a safety pin.I didn't have a ribbon so I took different colored yarn and braided it.

And this is how it looks at the end of all this mess.


Photos courtesy:R
So what do you think? I am pleased with myself. :O More to come in the near future! ;)


  1. Wow can't believe its the same shirt! Awesome makeeover!! :D

  2. Thanks Girl:)
    I felt the same,when it was done! :D

  3. Wow Ani !!!
    Didnt know this about you !!! New found RESPECT for you !!!
    Keep it up ! :D

  4. wow...superb i mean.simple n creative!! sure to try


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