Friday, June 15, 2012

Bland to brilliant ?!

So..I have been doing a lot of research for T-shirt Upcycling.Me not having a sewing machine turns out to be a major disadvantage. :||Hence a brand new sewing machine is on my 'to buy as soon as possible' list!But this shortcoming didn't dampen my new found enthusiasm to revamp old bland T-shirts.
My recent 'conquest'
This was R's T-shirt but the neck tuned out to be a little too deep for R's taste,so now it's mine :O


Stuff you need to spice things up:
 Pair of Scissors.
Ball of Yarn of your choice.
Yarn needle.
Pencil/Marker to draw your design.
Loads of Patience.

Step 1 : Lay the T-shirt on a plain surface and chop off the sleeve seams and the bottom hems of the T-shirt.

Step 2:Take the T-shirt inside out and draw a pattern of your choice with the marker/ pencil.This is what I drew.

Step 3: Stitch away.Stitch away.I did a running stitch the entire pattern and tried blanket stitches on the sleeves and the bottom part.

Bland???Nayy!!! 8)
Photos courtesy :Me

Until next time..Peace! ✌ 


Make me a happy bunny, would ya? :D