Monday, July 2, 2012

Knitted ballerina slippers

On one of those 'browsing through Pinterest moments', knitted ballet slippers caught my attention.I couldn't rest until I found out the perfect pattern so that I could make it for myself.I did come across some splendid sites with instructions as to how to achieve the perfect 'slipper'.Most of the instructions required skills in the field of crocheting /double pointed needles/circular needles. I am clueless when it comes to the latter 2.In the case of crochet & me,we still have a lot of catching up to do.
So I searched and searched in Google for a pattern using straight needles.Nothing seemed to fancy me.Then I concluded in making the most basic looking 'ballet' slippers.I would consider it a success  if any of you found the resemblance to an original ballet slippers.
If you are interested,the instructions are found here.
So this is how it looks after around 8 hours of knitting.

In case you plan to knit,make sure you knit at least 2 inches shorter than your feet's length.It may seem tight,but not to worry,it will stretch!It's super comfy and will keep your feet warm and cozy in those cold freezing winter nights.I can almost see myself curling up with a book and those slippers warming up my feet :d
I used 2 different yarns so as to get a thicker & sturdy sole plus I wanted something wayy colorful.

This is how the base looks.

As you can see I have a red something on the slippers.What I tried to make was a bow.Hopefully it looks as it's supposed to look like. ;) Looks like my primitive crocheting skills did pay off at the end!
Photos courtesy: Yours truly

The tutorial for making the bow can be found here.Lemme know if you liked it.I'm planning on making another one,a different pattern though.


  1. ths is truly creative anisha...u seem to have loads of talent i dont think it should merely remain a hobby...pinne this is seriously cute..and the finishing is absolutely perfect

    your fan

  2. I feel like giving you the Oscar of knitting! This is cute! :)

    And much as I would like to make it, I am TERRIBLE at knitting. :P

  3. @Poornima & Sudheshna : Thankyou girlies.You both are really kind :)

  4. LOved it.....U r incredibly gud at it...please dont stop.....and make me something pretty for my birthday ;)

  5. @Pooja-will do for sure girl!
    P.s - You are really the kindest :p

    @Brahmin in Boston -Thankyou girl! I think it's almost time somebody learned how to make those cute baby booties :p :)

  6. Oh wow! It's soooo cuuuute!!! :)

  7. Wow !! Very, very cute :) :)

  8. @ Anna & Sonia - Thankyou so much Girls :)

  9. Is there a pattern to make these slippers?

    1. @KS- i have mentioned abt the pattern in the post :)
      Anyway the patteren can be found here


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