Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mmm....Smells good!!

No,I didn't kill myself.Yes,I am a black sheep in blogosphere.I am ever so thankful for the people who still read my blog.**I wonder whether if there is anybody left** Kindly don't be indignant,I come bearing gifts,O friend! :P
 On a serious note,the reason for my absence was,me and R were moving apartments,more of that later.Unpacking,cleaning,settling,so you can imagine the situation,yea?
Today's post is going to be short,sweet and fragrant, literally!Remember how your place sometimes smells of masala or has this stuffed up atmosphere and the air fresheners not really doing its job? No? So,am I the only one? Hmm,that's awkward :|| Anyway,I am going to spread the goodness by letting you guys know just in case you think this is a good idea,yea?
Well,the idea is from Pinterest,**ofcourse where else** ,I just tweaked it a little bit.
Unlike houses in India where the houses have ventilators leaving them more or less airy ,the houses here have no ventilators obviously taking into account the weather reasons.R and me are spicy food lovers and often cook them leaving the atmosphere 'curryish'.One day I came across this simple idea and it works like a charm!

Natural room freshener at your finger tips. 

  1. Lemon.(you can also use lime or orange) This gives you the fresh citrusy fragrance.
  2. Cloves
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Lavender leaves.(you can also use any of those aromatic leaves,like rosemary or bay leaves)
  5. Vanilla essential oil (or any oil of your choice)
Slice the lemon up and just grab all the other ingredients in a pot and fill it up with water and let it simmer.For how long? All day long would be great or you can simmer it for around 1- 2 hours.The warm fragrant vapors fill up your whole house leaving you feeling all relaxed and rejuvenated and what's nice,it also works as a de odouriser. I do this trick especially if we are going to have guests over!
P.S- I just have this on my stove right now.

And that's pretty much it.I swear I'll be back soon.

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