Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So what do you do on a drab Wednesday?

The day is almost over and you still feel blah about it.Too early to sleep.Too tired to read.Too bloated to hog over some life threatening junk food.There is nothing worth watching on television.The weather is dreary.All that you can think of is Meh :|| What do you do?
Filled the tub with bubble bath with a lavish dosage of bath salts and essential oils and took a bath.. you thought? Naahh.Soaked our tired feet into them, realizing too late that the water is almost scalding. Ooohs and Aahs turns into laughter and giggles and later on..Bliss.
Silly much? Yea that's how we roll! :| Sue me!

P.S- 15 days to go for our second anniversary.2 years of War and Peace & ofcourse Laaoove. :O


  1. Advance wishes on your anniversary!! :)
    I love hot water - for bathing, for doing dishes and for soaking up! The down side is when it is summer! Blerrgh...

    1. Thankyou girl :)
      Any season..sucker for hot steaming water! :D


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