Saturday, August 11, 2012

So....that was that ..

One cold December night, I sat curled up on my couch with a hot cup of chai, in front of the television to distract myself from the mind numbing winter. I was flipping through the channels absently with nothing particular to watch. That's when I saw the clip announcing that somebody I absolutely love and adore has decided to come all the way to Chicago and the tickets are already on sale. Aaah well, I thought. Atleast they are in the same state as I am. :d So later I casually mention it to R that the guys are going to be in town.. like next year!! What came next, left me completely flabbergasted. Wana know what happened? Well, it was R even more casually asking me whether I wish to go see them!!!!! Do I wish?! Do I wish?! Are you kidding me darling?! 
I would die for them. So that was it. Before I could get hold of what was happening the tickets were booked for an event which was going to happen 8 months from that fateful winter nightIt was official. I was going for Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto concert!!
Weeks later.. we get the tickets via Fedex. I stashed them in the cupboard since I had to patiently wait out 8 long monthsWinter was replaced with Spring bringing along its share of pollen resulting in hay fever for me and R. Soon the temperatures rose to upper 90s and few travels here and there and basically life happened. The tickets safe in the cupboard and almost forgotten and one fine day.. Boom!! Pow! Wow! Bamm! it was the D-day, August 7th,2012.
The strangest of the things happened that morning- I was not excited.. I was calmWell, that was not something which I had expected. I had imagined myself to be on cloud Number:9 especially since I claim to be this 'huge fan'**snicker** :| . Maybe it was because I didn't know what to expect. R being a concert pro had told me what to foresee but cmmon you guys, this was my first ever concert.

So the technicalities- the concert was at 7pm and it was in Chicago city and we live in the suburbs. After much discussions, it was decided we can take train ride to the city and then catch a cab and go to United Center since we were not sure whether we would get any parking place plus its been some time since we took the train. As the hours ticked, somewhere inside me the excitement started it formation. I didn't know what to wear, which bag to take and what not! I can be exasperating, sometimes.** as if Coldplay would actually see me, Silly me**
The train journey, cab fast forward>> United Center. We were early. The crowd was just filling in. Soon the clock struck 7 and the opening singers (yes, I knew that there would be other support singers :D) were Charli XCX & Marina and the Diamonds.
I knew neither of them and cared even less, even though they sang pretty okay. I was waiting for Chris Martin and the guys. Oh Oh.. they gave out these wrist bands in various colors and said it was part of the show. R got a blue wristband.

Panoramic view of the stadium

At around 9 pm, the guys were on the stage and guess what, all the lights went out and all 18,000 wristbands started glowing! That, my friend was something of a sight!

From 'The Scientist' to 'Charlie Brown'. From 'Princess of China' to 'Violet Hill',they left the crowd mesmerized and the lighting was just another feather in the already crowded cap!

I was hoping for Chris Martin to stop singing in between so that the audience could sing. Sure enough, it was us-the audience who filled up the lyrics with him and the guys playing their respective instruments!Haah.. That was some night.. **Sigh**

The show ended with all its grandeur at around 11 pm. We walked for about 3 miles before we could get a cab. I was in no way complaining. I still couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. Reached home at 1 am and crashed peacefully!
So that's 1 thing 2 things off my bucket list; Go to a concert & See Coldplay Live. :O

Photos Courtesy : R
I was too busy ogling at the guys to take any pics :D

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