Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tress distress?

Who wouldn't love to have silky shiny lustrous hair? I would die for it.Me,being a bit of a penny pincher cannot bear to spend truckloads of dollars for a hair spa!Which sane person would spend money when they can have their own home remedies.I am one of the most laziest things on earth,however I love finding and trying out newer versions of home remedies.
Today, I have 2 easypeasy hair treatments for you,ladies.After you are done with it,get ready for soft shiny tresses no matter what type your hair is.

  • Beer -This has to be one of the most age old trick.The main ingredients being hop(the reason for the bitterness in beer) and malt are loaded with proteins which,eventually is great for  repairing damaged lifeless hair.It's said that the natural ingredients coat each strand giving it the required nourishment.It doesn't matter if the beer is flat.Some say the  beer has to be in room temperature.I am not sure about the temperature of  the beer. maybe it's to avoid brain freeze.Duh! :|| This is what you gotta do--Shampoo your mane as usual and douse your hair in the beer and let it remain for a couple of minutes.You can continue with your usual scrubbing and cleaning.When the couple of minutes are up,rinse your hair and then condition it as usual.Blow dry or let it air dry and style.Hello,voluminous soft hair!

  • What I call the Magic Potion:
Ingredients : 1tbspoon Olive Oil,1tbspoon Honey,1 Egg, 1 tbspoon mayonnaise.

  1. Honey- makes your hair soft and oh so shiny!
  2. Eggs- repair damaged dull hair making it healthy and strong.Now who wouldn't want that,eh?
  3. Olive oil- loaded with goodness- nourishes and moisturizes.
  4. Mayonnaise- benefit of egg yolks and works as a deep conditioner.
Whip all the ingredients really well.Gross? Hell yea,You should wait till you smell it.Ughh! However,the hair thinks otherwise.Apply all over your hair especially the ends.The gooey stuff may drip,so don't tell me I didn't warn you.Slap on a shower cap or a plastic bag and go read something or watch your favorite TV show.Let the goodness be absorbed for around an hour.The longer you have it on,the better.When you think you have had enough,go rinse your hair really really well.You can opt out of shampoo,however I am not a fan of the smell :| There you go.Say hello to new friends-shiny soft locks of hair.

I have tried both of the above remedies and it has worked wonders on my hair.Oh btw,I have naturally wavy hair which had almost died due to chemical treatments and um.. not taking care of it :| So,I am turning into a new leaf and ransacking my kitchen for ingredients to make more old/new remedies :O

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