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Book Review - Catching Fire | The Hunger Games Book 2

Title: Catching Fire (Hunger Games #2)
Author: Suzanne Collins.
Publisher: Scholastic.
Format: Hardcover.
Pages: 391.
Genre: YA, Adventure, Dystopian.
Blurb: Here.

The review of the second in every trilogy is bound to have spoilers of some sort.So don't whine later that I didn't warn you :P I'm not going to hold a placard here and wave like a crazy person.Read at your own risk!

My Thoughts:
So,as we all anticipated,Katniss & Peeta(Peeta Oh Peeta!! :L) do win the 74th Hunger Games but looks like the games are nowhere next to over for the girl on fire.Crowned victors,they visit each district as a part of the victory tour.Much to her dismay/surprise she has become the root of the rebellion boiling in the districts and President Snow is furious.
I felt the book was a little slow to begin with.The uneasiness remained intact though,I must add!Quite honestly,I didn't know where the plot was leading since it kinda felt all over the place.Mention of a rebellion here,Mr President pissed off with Katniss for rebellion behavior at the arena.A love triangle,the teenage confusion and what not!! I must have finished atleast a quarter of the book when the plot started to make sense.
Boom! Pow!..yet another game and an arena,just this time the games were called Quarter Quell which occurs every 25 years.More new characters were introduced and descriptions were made.It was the games all over again.Remember the 'Oh No' moment!The author did come up with some pretty crazy ideas to make us undergo the same horror and uneasiness.However,I felt the arena and the horrors associated with it was a little too rushed up.It was as though,the author was trying to wrap up the games since more were in store for the duo and the readers.
Since Book 1 was so close to perfection,obviously I had huge-sky high hopes for Book2.That's what happens when you have high expectations.It may fall right back on the floor **Thud!** That's what I felt for this book for major parts of it.Either that or I am more cynical than I had imagined myself to be :||
One of the main new characters was President Snow.He literally sends a chill down my spine.The sly dictator who singlehandedly rules the 12 districts and who cannot tolerate uprising of any kind.The tyrant who can go to any extend to keep his iron fist crunching the districts.The next minute you see another version of Snow facing the cameras, maintaining a cordial relationship with Katniss planning her marriage!!!! Yeas 17 years and marriage.I know raaight?!! :o It's the dystopian era.Anything works there!
Katniss, who was portrayed as the strong,independent 'girl on fire' in Book 1 had almost no fire this time around.She was unbelievably pessimistic,whiny and didn't trust anybody even after they had proved to be trustworthy.These attributes frustrated me to no end.**rolling eyes**She was so much together and independent in Book1.Another character who was not done justice was Gale.It was like as though he didn't exist.He was just mentioned in passing in the beginning and at the end.I assume that the author felt guilty that she didn't give any center stage to Gale so she just went ahead and inserted him at the very end of the book. o_O
The stuff that I loved - The fact that the mockingjay pin played  an important role in the uprising among the district and how Katniss with or without her knowledge had become the face of the rebellion.
Oh and btw SC drops another bomb.District13!? Reallyy??Oooh,now that was something.I absolutely loved the ending.That was one of the best cliffhangers EVER!!I grabbed Book3.. like the next second. 8)

**Update** - Similar to Book1there was elaborate description of clothes and accessories which Katniss would wear at each occasion.**facepalm** I know I didn't quite mention Peeta and I cannot believe I forgot about him.Peeta,the golden boy took over most of the book sidestepping Gale.*snort* Peeta the boy with the bread,the boy whose love for Katniss was unconditional,even though he realised with a broken heart the love may not be returned.I felt Peeta was the one who kinda had an idea of the bigger picture.
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That's all. Thankyouverymuch! :D

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  1. I am a huge fan of the Hunger games trilogy but I agree with you, the magic that the first book created, the second book could not come par with it. Collins could have done so much with Gale's character. Peeta completely takes over from the second book.

    As far as the third book is concerned, I did not enjoy it much. It sort of got repetitive. The story is not something you can't predict. The surprise element goes missing after a while.

    Do tell me how did you like it though. :)

    1. I knoo right?! I felt book3 was a little better than book2 even though it was kind of a letdown.Review in my draft.:)


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