Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weave for sanity!!!

Few days back, one of my friends had shared this website in Facebook. What can I say other than the fact that I'm hooked! I just thought it was worth mentioning in my blog, since this is what I listen to when I'm writing something. It is so calming and therapeutic!
It's basically an interactive website where You can weave 'silk' (by clicking & moving your mouse) of different colors to form some sorta mess :| It's going to be a different story for people with artistic skills. Mine are pretty rudimentary :||
While you do so, there is this background music which I was talking about. While you weave there is an additional wind chimey music which is like an icing on a 3 layered chocolate cake!! Yumm!

So I would suggest all you lovely people out there to check this website out and thank me later :D

I have some pics so that you guys will know what I'm talking about.
Disclaimer : There is absolutely no artistic beauty in it. I just went to town with the colors :P However, if you found beauty in them(like I did) you are always welcome to send me praises! 8)

I couldn't dowload the pic so I had to print screen so ignore the Facebook like icon or the Clear/Share icon. If you didn't notice anything.. then.. what? Hmm?  Nothing..I didn't say anything :|

Yea I know I went a little berserk here :p

Don't they all look psychedelic ? Or is it just me? :o

Do let me know what was your experience   ^_^

P.S : Happy Halloween! Happy trick or treat :)
        Did you guys see the Google doodle for  Halloween. Sooper cool raiight? 8)

Weave and let peace with you :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Book Review - Mockingjay | The Hunger Games Book 3

Title: Mockingjay (Hunger Games #3)
Author: Suzanne Collins.
Publisher: Scholastic.
Format: Hardcover.
Pages: 390.
Genre: YA, Adventure, Dystopian.
Blurb: Here.


My Thoughts:
Its been some time since I was done with the Hunger Games trilogy. Mockingjay is almost 2 books old. Well, that means I read almost 2 books after Book 3 of the trilogy. 
Things are all different now for Katniss and everybody associated with her. Book 2 ends with Gale informing her that the district where she grew up in, the place where she called home, had numerous hunting trips with both her father and her friend Gale is no more. President Snow had made sure that District 12 burns down to the ground.
Katniss finds herself among the rebels in District 13  (ruled by President Coin) which was thriving underground and spying on the Capitol, making plans to overthrow President Snow's tyranny. Katniss still reeling from the adrenaline pumped experience in the arena is fighting for her sanity. To make things worse, there is no sigh of Peeta!!! :o Now, like it or not, Katniss has to accept the fact that she has become the face of the rebellion- The Mockingjay.

I was not much of a fan of Book 2. there were many 'eye- rolling' moments for me. However, Book 3 did a better job (even though Book 1 is my favorite. I must have watched the movie a bajillion times!). Since Book 1 and Book 2 were more or less similar in the theme (the games), I felt Book 2 lacked direction. In Book 3, Suzanne Collins had to get herself together to give the readers a better ending to the trilogy instead of sticking with the games.
 I felt Katniss had evolved too. Her instincts were correct as to not really trust President Coin. She is no more naive.. more cutthroat?! There were sections of prepping Katniss - makeup, clothes yada yada which I felt was an unnecessary addition for all the 3 books!
SC does shock the readers by writing the path of Peeta's fate. God, who would have thought what would happen to him and what he is capable of. It left me cringing since I was am Team Peeta!
The sort of love triangle is not really mentioned for some time in the book especially since they had bigger things to deal with,duh! Additional characters, for instance Finnick, Coin, Boggs etc were also given ample spotlight. Haymitch - a constant in all the 3 books however, remained kinda in the background.
The imminent rebellion war between the Capitol and District 13 happens, many characters face death and victory goes to the deserved. Th victory  however has a price to pay!
I was disappointed with the ending. It felt abrupt. I felt the sudden fast forward was an avoidable addition. I was sad at the way things turned out for Katniss, Peeta, Gale  and Primrose :'(
I'm supposed to be happy with the 'happy ending', though I didn't feel it. I felt there was no chemistry by the end. The ending felt forced and superficial. :|

My rating:

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Game night - Word-O-Logy

Fellow blogger,Tanya  creator of  Coveted Dreams has come up with an interesting word game called Word-O-Logy for bloggers. The rules - write the first thing that comes to your mind for 10 words given in the list. As simple as that!

To find out more and to see all the words visit here
Without further are my words..

Winters : Snowangels.

Facebook : Like.

Fashion : Disaster :P

Life : Goes On.

India : Home.

Rain : Chai & Samosa  :d

Books : Bliss.

Ego : Beyonce   :tone

Saturday : Leftover Pizza :||

Monsoon : Paper Boats.

On a side note: After weeks of procrastination, I gave my overanalysing mind of mine a break and created a Facepook page for Absolutely Not Sure. Now show me some <3 laaovee and like the page already ! :D

   Click here : Absolutely Not Sure! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Did anyone watch last week's SNL?

SNL aka Saturday Night Live has been one of my favorite shows for the past 2 years. One of those shows where the jokes are most of the time laugh out loud. The show has got it all - current affairs with a dollop of satirical humor, impressions of famous people, ridiculously funny skits and to top it all off some amazing musical guest and host every single week!!
 I was quite bumped when I realized few talented casts - Kristen Wigg & Andy Samberg left the show. Anyhoo, last week's host and musical guest was none other than Bruno Mars.

Personally speaking,I am was not much of a fan. He sings pretty okay great! In the looks department..mehh :||
However, this young man right here, completely blew my mind last week.The kid has got some serious talent. Not only does he sing, he also knows how to make a complete fool out of himself, which  by the way is great. :D
There was this skit where he had dressed up as a woman and  he had worked up some serious booty shaking! ;)

The video given below was the icing of the show. I am addicted to this video. This chap deserves a standing ovation for the impressions he did ranging from Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day to Micheal Jackson. His impression for MJ was spot on! He had messed up some of the lyrics making it even more hilarious.

 Ladies and gentleman, that is why I am a proud Bruno Mars convert. ^_^

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Book Excerpt Review - The Stopover

Title: The Stopover.
Author: Deepa Pinto & Ram Prakash.
Publisher: Krab Media.
Format: E-book
Pages: 208.
Genre: Photo Fiction, Short Stories.
Blurb: Here.

The co author of the book, Deepa Pinto had sent me a segment of the book in exchange for a honest opinion.
My Thoughts:
When I first received a part of this book,I flipped through the pages and found myself  mesmerized by the sheer beauty of the photographs. I thought in mind,"this ought to be good". One of the best features of this book is that the readers would be able to enjoy the short stories along the sumptuous photographs which accompany each story. The Stopover comes under the genre- Photo fiction. Fiction interwoven with  rich vibrant colorful photographs. 4 stories, 4 different locations and breathtaking photographs! Each story has photographs from the place the story is taking place. Its quite different form a illustrated fiction since the pictures are actually photographed. Since I couldn't get a hold of the book, I am unable to review the book as a whole. That said, The segment I received-  'The Tibetan Wheel of Wisdom'  is about a young  successful professional Varun, recently jilted by his wife takes a solo trip to Lea. 
 I found the writing crisp, simple and descriptive. The exquisite photographs further enhanced the  fiction as a whole. As I continued reading, thanks to the pictures it felt like as I though I was witnessing the story play out with my own eyes!
All in all a light read and a visual treat!
 My rating:

Double delight

 Disclaimer :This is a very very late post. When I say "few days back", it means around 2 weeks back :||

This is a proud moment for me. So sit back, while I take a breathe and start bragging :D
Few days back mailed me congratulating me on the fact that I am was the notable newbie!!! It sure is a joy to see your name up on the homepage announcing it to the world. Thankyou Blogadda. :)

To top that, fellow blogger Sayatini Bhattacharya, creator of 'Another part of me' had nominated my blog for the Liebster Blog Award!!! How cool is that??! I take this opportunity to thank her for the award and also congratulate her on receiving the award.

Getting down to business
I need to answer 11 questions, write 11 random things about me, and nominate other bloggers.


1. What makes you blog?
    I started this blog just like most of the bloggers out there - to create a space where one can vent, reflect and muse! I have a tendency to adopt a new hobby every other week. :| To keep a tab on those, I blog. Book reviews soon followed.

2. Which part of your life inspires you the most?
    Most of the time I remain 'non-inspired' :|| What I have realized lately is that if at all I get inspired, it is thanks to the oh so great and wonderful internet. The internet is like this huge treasure chest and the more knowledge you acquire the more you are left to learn. From recipes to reviews, I tell you people,the internet should NEVER be taken for granted! :D

3. Who is your favorite author?

      That is a question which I cannot answer with a single name. There are so many gifted authors and choosing one is blasphemous. Few of my favorite authors from the top of my head would be(in no particular order) - Paulo Coelho, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Dan Brown, Micheal Connelly, Khaled Hosseini, (I told you the list would be long)

4. Which day is most memorable for you?

      We were newly married and just reached Chicago. I was missing home. One day me and R went out for to meet some of his friends for drinks and dinner. I didn't quite enjoy the meeting since I knew none of them and being an introvert didn't make things easy for me. Few drinks after,fun started happening and on the drive back home,I sat in the passenger seat tipsy and I had an epiphany -I had fallen in love with R and I'm going to spend my entire life with him. :D Cheesy I know.

5. Which song describes you most?

      I'm a big music person. So choosing one song that describes me the most is like finding a needle in a haystack. Therefore I no know the answer to that question! :o

6. If given, which will be your last wish?

     Um, That all my loved ones would lead a happy prosperous life?! Is that answer good enough? I don't want to die.. so no thinking last wish :|

7. What makes you feel blessed?

     The fact that I am loved unconditionally by my parents and also to have found my soulmate & best friend!

8. Beaches or mountains?

One of my wishes in my bucket list would be to spend a not so sunny day on the beach. Walk bare footed,not caring if my feet got sandy or my clothes might get wet and later spend time in the beach reading a book.Sigh!

9. Your favorite item in your closet?

      At the moment,the cardigans that I bought last week! :D

10. Your most desired birthday gift?
        I want,I need,I desire a Kindle.. like today,now,this second!! :d

11.How much you loved this award?
       Obviously a lot!!! This,being the first award would always be special. :)

11 random things about me : Click here. It cannot get anymore random than this.


1. mindBlowing

2. My Summer Eyes

3. High on Life!!!

4.  Passion Drops

5. Sweet To Be Gracie

Congratulations people! It would be great if you could also answer the same questions asked above.
 Happy Blogging :)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Grey's Anatomy saga

NO this is not some random crazy praise or clobbering down post about 50 shades of Grey. 

Geez people.. get it together. The moment you hear grey..its all about Christian Grey. Now, Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgard is a totally different story though. 8) :d

 Few days back one of  my bestie S, asked me why I have not posted a 'non book-review' post. That got me's true I haven't written anything cuckoo in quite some time. Most of the stuff I think about is relayed in live streaming to R's ears. The sad part of this, is the fact that I have nothing, naught, nada, zilch to write about and the second being, R has to bear with my shenanigans!
Oh oh oh did anybody see the season premier of Grey's Anatomy? Did you? Did you? Oh good lord, Shonda Rhimes sure knows to how to create a tear jerker/cliffhanger of a show. Grey's Anatomy is by far one of the best shows I have witnessed.

I was never a TV person back home, since I was from quite the dysfunctional family, watching television was almost to the verge of prohibition :| So television happened when I came here. R being the sweetheart that he is, would never bug me when I am huddled in front of the idiot box. Never pulls my leg when I tear up to emotional scenes(which is a common scene here since I come under the melodramatic drama queen category), rather he would bring me a box of tissues :D
I am a sucker for medical shows..wait that is not entirely accurate. Anything related to dead bodies, autopsy, bones, murder, scrubs, detectives/police, eccentric protagonists are undoubtedly my favorite shows. Morbid much? I am,without reservation a twisted person :|| Why do you think I enjoy 'Bones', 'House M.D','The Mentalist', 'Scrubs', 'Lie to me' etc. Grey's anatomy  is a cocktail of drama, medicine, doctors, unquestionably splendid soundtracks, oohh so good looking people, relationships,complications and what not. I remember the day when I was bored out of my wits and decided to give Grey's Anatomy a chance in Netflix. Boy, I was in for a ride!!

The show basically revolves revolved around the protagonist Meredith Grey who joins Seattle Grace Hospital for a residency program.Thus the journey of her and her colleagues, who later turn out to be so much more than that, juggling their professional lives,personal life. 8 seasons of medical mysteries,friendships, boy problems, tragedies, deaths, heartbreaks has made me an ardent fan!

There is almost nothing that I don't  like about this show. The characters are all professional and top notch.Psst..have you seen the cast..?Phew!! Another factor which I unambiguously love, is the monologue during the show.The script is impeccable and a bulls eye to the hearts of the viewers. I have watched episodes in a tissue strewn room. Yes,I have a weak heart. :||
The 8th season finale was quite a shocker,Shonda Rhimes the creator of the show killed off one of my favorite characters and I was bawling my eyes out leaving the man I married quite confused and most probably having second thoughts about us :/

I have been waiting with bated breath for the 9th season to start. Why you ask? Really? Get the Dvds first thing tomorrow! :|
Some of the characters you so love,hate and sometimes both at the same time are met with a plane crash and is trapped somewhere and nobody else knows about it till now!!!!!! God.. and they killed Lexie Grey(step sister of Meredith Grey) :c How much more are you going to play with our hearts,oh Ms Rhimes?!! This time.. I was ready for the season premiere.. box of tissues, bowl of ice-cream and blanket ready for the show. I knew I was going to be whimpering soon. Sure enough, they killed off Mark Sloan aka Mcdreamy(soulmate of Lexie Grey) the indisputably God like good-looking man I have ever seen. I was waiting for 4 months to know what happened to the doctors and what does the creator decide to do? Keep the viewers hanging by the thread. They show nothing of what happened soon after the crash.They show a life of these doctors a month from the crash, how they are coping with their daily life. The ending of the episode was almost painful to watch.They amputated Arizona's leg!!! How could they?! She was a sucha sunshiney girl who loved her job and her wife Callie. Me wailing and mourning would be an understatement.
True story!

For those of you who has no clue about what I am blabbering I said hit the stores first. I apologize if I got a little too carried away. I tend to do that on a regular basis. :| Now you know, what R has to go through day in and day out. :D
I cannot wait for tomorrow's episode.
Pick me,Choose me,Love me.. Sigh!!!!