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Book Review - Mockingjay | The Hunger Games Book 3

Title: Mockingjay (Hunger Games #3)
Author: Suzanne Collins.
Publisher: Scholastic.
Format: Hardcover.
Pages: 390.
Genre: YA, Adventure, Dystopian.
Blurb: Here.


My Thoughts:
Its been some time since I was done with the Hunger Games trilogy. Mockingjay is almost 2 books old. Well, that means I read almost 2 books after Book 3 of the trilogy. 
Things are all different now for Katniss and everybody associated with her. Book 2 ends with Gale informing her that the district where she grew up in, the place where she called home, had numerous hunting trips with both her father and her friend Gale is no more. President Snow had made sure that District 12 burns down to the ground.
Katniss finds herself among the rebels in District 13  (ruled by President Coin) which was thriving underground and spying on the Capitol, making plans to overthrow President Snow's tyranny. Katniss still reeling from the adrenaline pumped experience in the arena is fighting for her sanity. To make things worse, there is no sigh of Peeta!!! :o Now, like it or not, Katniss has to accept the fact that she has become the face of the rebellion- The Mockingjay.

I was not much of a fan of Book 2. there were many 'eye- rolling' moments for me. However, Book 3 did a better job (even though Book 1 is my favorite. I must have watched the movie a bajillion times!). Since Book 1 and Book 2 were more or less similar in the theme (the games), I felt Book 2 lacked direction. In Book 3, Suzanne Collins had to get herself together to give the readers a better ending to the trilogy instead of sticking with the games.
 I felt Katniss had evolved too. Her instincts were correct as to not really trust President Coin. She is no more naive.. more cutthroat?! There were sections of prepping Katniss - makeup, clothes yada yada which I felt was an unnecessary addition for all the 3 books!
SC does shock the readers by writing the path of Peeta's fate. God, who would have thought what would happen to him and what he is capable of. It left me cringing since I was am Team Peeta!
The sort of love triangle is not really mentioned for some time in the book especially since they had bigger things to deal with,duh! Additional characters, for instance Finnick, Coin, Boggs etc were also given ample spotlight. Haymitch - a constant in all the 3 books however, remained kinda in the background.
The imminent rebellion war between the Capitol and District 13 happens, many characters face death and victory goes to the deserved. Th victory  however has a price to pay!
I was disappointed with the ending. It felt abrupt. I felt the sudden fast forward was an avoidable addition. I was sad at the way things turned out for Katniss, Peeta, Gale  and Primrose :'(
I'm supposed to be happy with the 'happy ending', though I didn't feel it. I felt there was no chemistry by the end. The ending felt forced and superficial. :|

My rating:


  1. Nice review! I liked this one too, mainly because it had something new, just like you said! And I actually welcomed the change, the fight at the Capitol, after the claustrophobic District 13! And trueee... Prim! I hated that!! :x and Gale too! I'm a huge proponent of happy endings and this one was okay, but yes, abrupt!

  2. Thankyou Ashna. It broke my heart when I read about Prim :'(


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