Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Did anyone watch last week's SNL?

SNL aka Saturday Night Live has been one of my favorite shows for the past 2 years. One of those shows where the jokes are most of the time laugh out loud. The show has got it all - current affairs with a dollop of satirical humor, impressions of famous people, ridiculously funny skits and to top it all off some amazing musical guest and host every single week!!
 I was quite bumped when I realized few talented casts - Kristen Wigg & Andy Samberg left the show. Anyhoo, last week's host and musical guest was none other than Bruno Mars.

Personally speaking,I am was not much of a fan. He sings pretty okay great! In the looks department..mehh :||
However, this young man right here, completely blew my mind last week.The kid has got some serious talent. Not only does he sing, he also knows how to make a complete fool out of himself, which  by the way is great. :D
There was this skit where he had dressed up as a woman and  he had worked up some serious booty shaking! ;)

The video given below was the icing of the show. I am addicted to this video. This chap deserves a standing ovation for the impressions he did ranging from Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day to Micheal Jackson. His impression for MJ was spot on! He had messed up some of the lyrics making it even more hilarious.

 Ladies and gentleman, that is why I am a proud Bruno Mars convert. ^_^

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