Saturday, October 20, 2012

Double delight

 Disclaimer :This is a very very late post. When I say "few days back", it means around 2 weeks back :||

This is a proud moment for me. So sit back, while I take a breathe and start bragging :D
Few days back mailed me congratulating me on the fact that I am was the notable newbie!!! It sure is a joy to see your name up on the homepage announcing it to the world. Thankyou Blogadda. :)

To top that, fellow blogger Sayatini Bhattacharya, creator of 'Another part of me' had nominated my blog for the Liebster Blog Award!!! How cool is that??! I take this opportunity to thank her for the award and also congratulate her on receiving the award.

Getting down to business
I need to answer 11 questions, write 11 random things about me, and nominate other bloggers.


1. What makes you blog?
    I started this blog just like most of the bloggers out there - to create a space where one can vent, reflect and muse! I have a tendency to adopt a new hobby every other week. :| To keep a tab on those, I blog. Book reviews soon followed.

2. Which part of your life inspires you the most?
    Most of the time I remain 'non-inspired' :|| What I have realized lately is that if at all I get inspired, it is thanks to the oh so great and wonderful internet. The internet is like this huge treasure chest and the more knowledge you acquire the more you are left to learn. From recipes to reviews, I tell you people,the internet should NEVER be taken for granted! :D

3. Who is your favorite author?

      That is a question which I cannot answer with a single name. There are so many gifted authors and choosing one is blasphemous. Few of my favorite authors from the top of my head would be(in no particular order) - Paulo Coelho, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Cook, Dan Brown, Micheal Connelly, Khaled Hosseini, (I told you the list would be long)

4. Which day is most memorable for you?

      We were newly married and just reached Chicago. I was missing home. One day me and R went out for to meet some of his friends for drinks and dinner. I didn't quite enjoy the meeting since I knew none of them and being an introvert didn't make things easy for me. Few drinks after,fun started happening and on the drive back home,I sat in the passenger seat tipsy and I had an epiphany -I had fallen in love with R and I'm going to spend my entire life with him. :D Cheesy I know.

5. Which song describes you most?

      I'm a big music person. So choosing one song that describes me the most is like finding a needle in a haystack. Therefore I no know the answer to that question! :o

6. If given, which will be your last wish?

     Um, That all my loved ones would lead a happy prosperous life?! Is that answer good enough? I don't want to die.. so no thinking last wish :|

7. What makes you feel blessed?

     The fact that I am loved unconditionally by my parents and also to have found my soulmate & best friend!

8. Beaches or mountains?

One of my wishes in my bucket list would be to spend a not so sunny day on the beach. Walk bare footed,not caring if my feet got sandy or my clothes might get wet and later spend time in the beach reading a book.Sigh!

9. Your favorite item in your closet?

      At the moment,the cardigans that I bought last week! :D

10. Your most desired birthday gift?
        I want,I need,I desire a Kindle.. like today,now,this second!! :d

11.How much you loved this award?
       Obviously a lot!!! This,being the first award would always be special. :)

11 random things about me : Click here. It cannot get anymore random than this.


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5. Sweet To Be Gracie

Congratulations people! It would be great if you could also answer the same questions asked above.
 Happy Blogging :)


  1. NO 4. cheesy but sweet hahaha :)
    Congratulations Ani..

  2. Congratulations Ani and thanks you so much for nominating my blog. Cheers! :)

    Is it mandatory for me to answer these 11 questions and nominate other bloggers?

    1. Thankyou girlie :)
      Those are the rules.. but then.. it is your blog. if you don't want to. Don't.Nobody will sue you :p


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