Saturday, November 3, 2012

10,000 footprints!!!

Yesterday my blog had hit 10,000 page views!!! I knew it was nearing the big 5 digits and guess what, I missed the big moment. But, good things and good people still exist. I know it for sure because, yesterday I received a mail from blog friend Madhavi Rao-owner of Expressions Of Life.
She had mailed me saying she was my 10,000th visitor and the icing being the fact that she had sent me the printed screen!! Isn't that the sweetest?!!!
Thankyou Madhavi. Sometimes it is the small gestures which can brighten somebody's day!
You sure did, Madhavi dahling! :D

Also, I would like to thank all my readers, my bestie,S for motivating me to write whatever crap or otherwise which came in my mind and of course my dearest R who being my greatest supporter is also my biggest critic! Without you guys this blog would not even exist! **tears of joy** 
Yes I can be an emotional rut :|


  1. Keep blogging and hope you would have a million footprints soon :-)

  2. Congrats!!
    Wow! 1000 visits! You are rocking Anisha :D
    And that's soooo sweet of Madhavi ... :)

    Lots of Love and best wishes to both of you!
    Happy Blogging! Cheers

    1. thank you dearie Simran.. you always make me smile with your warm comments... :)

  3. How could I go without commenting on this ? 10000 pageviews.. phew ! I am dying of joy ! Keep going girl !

  4. Congratulations!!

    Cheers to many more to come yet :)

  5. Oh wow. Madhavi: great! :D


  6. Yayyy!! Congrats :D :D May your blog have many more in the days to come :D

  7. Thats nothing biggie my dear Ani....

    I just wanted to send you..and you need to be notified as this is one of the happiest moments being a blogger...

    hence I shared it...

    CONGRATS!!! ma dear...

    1. And that is Very sweet of you :)
      Thankyou girl!


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