Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fall fog

This is how today morning looked. It was so foggy that we couldn't even see the lake outside our apartment. Yes, I was bragging there :P

It's Thanksgiving tomorrow. It's like a mini vacation. 4 days of bliss!! November is almost over, and it's not all that cold. We keep waiting for it the temperatures to go below zero and stay there. It does, and then jumps right back to the cool temperatures. So,I guess we still have time before we bury ourselves in layers of clothes, jackets and boots. I have no complaints though.

Those spots are ducks near the tree!

 There was a lotta talk about this winter is going to be really cold, since last winter was kinda lame. Almost no snow and the temperatures were more than tolerable. It's all mixed reviews now. Normally by the end of November, we would have a steady below zero or just above zero temperatures. That day is yet to come.
Can you see the cars?
Lately I have a serious case of complex procrastination-motivation disorder. I have half baked goods in my draft. I have plenty of stuff to do and all I did till now, was watch the fog, take pictures and watch the fog lift off slowly but steadily till there was nothing left and everything was clear again. So till my fog lifts off I am seriously considering a hiatus.
Let peace be with you!


  1. Lovely pictures, Anisha...I love watching the fog fade away ....the blurry slowly getting more and more visible and clear :D
    happy Thanksgiving :)

  2. Lovely images ... Have a great Thanksgiving :-)

  3. I usually find the winter season pointless but when you see pictures like these, you just can't help marveling at the beauty.

    Happy thanksgiving. :)

  4. Thankyou lovely people. Wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving too :)

  5. Really love these photos. I just moved away from Chicago and that weather sounds distinctly midwestern to me :)

  6. U shud seriously think of taking up photography along with ur writing .Iam impressed ;)


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