Friday, December 28, 2012

I thought

Like waves, it comes and goes.
Sometimes hitting so hard it takes my breath away;
And ever so often silent and still, that I forget.
I thought I was alright. 
Guess what? I am not and that my friend, is perfectly alright.
They say music heals.
Right now, songs lead me to the verge of desperation.
There seems to be almost nothing which can keep the mind occupied.
Chopping onions did.. for a while
Without a fight, the tears ran down.
No!! I chastised. 
Melting down seems like a great idea at the moment.
I almost had forgotten what a heartache feels like.
I thought I am alright.
I told them I am mourning.
They smirked. Or did I just imagine that?
I wonder, do they understand?
I am bitter. 
I am broken.
I am not alone.
I know.
Yet, why does it feel that way?
Sighing at the events that are going to unravel.
Its a long winding road ahead.
And I am already tired.
Being strong. Staying strong.
Two different states of mind.
He told me to detach myself.
Brother, you know I am the epitome of emotional overdose.
He told me to cry.
Honey, I don't want to look weak.
A wavering kiss on the forehead.
She said  its going to be alright.
I told her I am alright.
My voice quivered.
An ache passed through.
I thought I will be alright.
I am not.
I will be strong later.
For now, I will mourn till I can't take it anymore.
And you cannot take that away from me.


  1. 'Being Strong, Staying Strong-Two different states of mind'
    Wonderful Poem...

  2. @ manaNmind & Green Speck - Thankyou so much!

  3. "Melting down seems like a great idea at the moment."...loved it :) u always inspire and provoke thoughts

    1. @priya- and you have always been kind with your comments :)

  4. There are so many lines that I can pick up as my favourite ones. I loved how you penned down such powerful and overwhelming emotions with such simplicity. At times, I could sense my thoughts reflected in your words. Kudos. :)

    1. @ Enigmatic Soul - Thankyou so much. Means a lot. Appreciation always gives me a high :D


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