Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Suit-Up fixation

I'm not generally much of a movie or a celebrity person. I rarely bother about what celebrities are upto and if I watch movies,its long after its released. Long after all the grandeur!  I watched the Lord Of The Rings trilogy like a month back! My friend R, was like' How come so early?!!'  :/
Batman happened around 3 months back! I am not sure why, I can spend hours watching  TV series on Netflix or some shady websites, but I cannot muster the patience to sit through a movie. Anywaaii I'm not here to give you an inside scoop of how sad my movie list is. I'm here to profess my undying love to people who look divinely hot in suits.

Example? Christian Bale in Batman

Or Matt Bomer in White Collar. Have you seen that chap?!!! To die for, I tell you!

The geeky look is to die for!!

or Ryan Gosling in Gangster Squad. I saw the trailer of this movie releasing in Januray 2013. Awesome cast. Sean Penn,Emma Stone and the gorgeous Gosling. Ole gangsta style. I might actually watch this one.

 Daniel Craig takes dressing up to an entirely different level. I am was a James Bond virgin. I had not seen any Bond movie until I happened to see Skyfall few weeks back. Ooohlalaa.. God, the man sure knows how to look smoking hot and the icing being.. the accent..** sigh**

Yes I know I am swooning. I can't help it. Just look at him. He stole my heart and I am officially in love with him**Yes, I had said the same thing about Channing Tatum** for the rest of my life... Or  maybe till the next gorgeous guy in a 3 piece suit makes an appearance :O Till then I remain an ardent admirer of Mr Craig! 

Take your time. We can wait !!

I must have watched the trailer and the soundtrack of the movie by Adele a zillion times!!!

 As a result of my recent obsession I watched both of  Daniel Craig Bond movies. Somehow the lack of patience didn't show up this time around!! :|
Plus, the guy is funny. If anyone saw him as the host of SNL, you know what I am talking about!


  1. This has left me suit-crushing.

  2. i too was not a big fan of Daniel Craig until i watched
    Casino Royale...Oh Boy that Man has got the looks...wooohhhh wink wink :)

  3. Ryan Gosling is more my type ;)

  4. Seriously Gosling is cool! Liked Gangster Squad trailer too! ;) ;)

  5. Even I would turn gay for daniel casino royale he looked even better... And watch his girl with the dragon tattoo, I am sure you'll fantasise about him :P I did ;) But alas! this suit culture doesn't work well in India. You wear a suit and people mistake you going for a wedding! Sigh! Indians still don't know how to dress up. Maybe that's why as an Indian I am too infatuated by men in suits! (I feel too gay after writing this! Believe me, I have got myself checked.. I am not! :P)

    1. Lol! Men in suits is a whole different story. I did watch Dragon tattoo. I agree :D
      and btw you dn't have to feel gay about it :P


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