Monday, December 31, 2012

Yet another year has come & gone ..

...and here we are, at the threshold.

Yea.. I know all the 3 pictures said the same thing. I like to make a grand gesture :| 

It's still New Year's eve here. Looking back at the year which just slipped through our fingers.. I should say it was an eventful year. Right amount of happy times and of course ample amount of testing times. Some fascinating trips within the country. Good times with friends. Even more lovely moments with R. Watched some admirable movies and some really crappy ones too. Moved apartments. Celebrated our birthdays and our second wedding anniversary. Enjoyed the picturesque Spring. Endured the humid Summer. My first ever concert experience - Coldplay!! My lil blog grew and is still growing and here I am beaming. 49 followers!!! Are you kidding me?!!Thankyou all. You are also the reason why the past year was a happy one! Started getting books to be reviewed. Oh God, I was/am on cloud nine when I think that somebody needs my opinion too. Bought more books than I could read. Gave in to the e-reader era, went ahead and bought a Kindle. Even though I missed both my brothers' wedding, my besties' wedding & had to encounter some really frustrating times, in a nutshell 2012 was good to me and I am thankful.

So here's to another new year where the slate is wiped clean. To look forward to a fresh start and brand new aspirations.

To live the good simple life. 
Weave new tales for yourselves.
Appreciate good company, food, wine & music.
See the beauty in mediocrity.
Carve yourself a niche.
Live the good life.

Wishing you all a brilliant year ahead.

See you all on the other side. 


Make me a happy bunny, would ya? :D