Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Couch Potato Series 2

TheCouchPotatoSeries returns with another show today. There are just so many shows that I had a hard time narrowing down. Since I started off this series with a show which is about to get cancelled :( I thought, today I might as well write about a feel-good TV series.
The show which is going to be featured today is New Girl !! 

To begin with, who doesn't like Zooey Deschanel? Such a lovable woman. Teamed up with 4 other main characters- the show is riot!
The show is about the uber cute (girlcrush?-yea why not?!), dorky woman who had a recent breakup with her cheating boyfriend and moved into a loft shared by 3 guys after seeing an ad in Craigslist. It's about her life and friendship with the guys. Initially the guys are little apprehensive about her. However, the moment they come know to know Jess has friends who are models, they take her in as a loft-mate. o_O
Her life now revolves around her career as a teacher, the loft, her best friend Cece (the model friend I was talking about), her quest to find true love and of course the 3 guys - Nick, Schmidt & Winston.
There is an instant chemistry thing between Jess & Nick, even though nothing of that sort has happened in the show..yet. I'm rooting for them. Every actor in the show is unique in their own way.

From LtoR-Cece, Winston, Nick, Jess & Schmidt
Cece - Childhood friend of Jess. Indian. Confident. Model. Smartass. Always there for Jess, when her quirkiness gets her into trouble. Had a brief relationship with Scmidt.
 photo tumblr_m51rqw7c9T1qlenplo7_250_zpsb160e321.gif

Winston - Childhood friend of Nick. Former basketball player. Cannot really keep a job since he gets bored too often & way too fast. Recently, landed a job which he enjoys *about time.*  Funny in his own way. Most of the times he is the cool dude. There are moments when he is plain hilarious. Enjoys girly drinks with umbrellas for instance. Or like the way he sings in his scary high pitch or screams like a girl or when he thinks he has "sympathy PMS". *eyeroll* 
 photo 00180_zpsaeb9c44d.jpg
Nick - Law school drop out. Bartender. Most of the times, he reminds me of an angry, grumpy old man. Frustrated, pessimistic, frowning young man. He does a good job at that. Aspiring zombie author. Totally sucks at it.
 Known for leaving things half done. Crazy sounding voice  Yep, he is my favorite. I crack up, even thinking about him. Still hasn't found the love of his life after a messy breakup. I so hope its going to be Jess. *Even  though they are currently dating others.*
 photo tumblr_m30v2mT0mo1qb4mxmo5_250_zps8416f4f3.gif

Jess - Polkadots. Bows. Glitter. Nerd Glasses. Bangs & loose waves of hair. Super-cute, vibrant colored dresses. The adorkable protagonist, who sometimes sings instead of actually speaking and has some other weird antics up her sleeve!
 photo tumblr_ltlexfVgC71qki3neo1_250_zps9b050f4e.gif

Schmidt - The womanizer. The only guy in the company he works for. A former gawky, overweight college mate of Nick. Self obsessed. Ultra clean and has a tinge of OCD. 
Has no idea how ridiculous he sounds when he says the most bizarre things resulting in the loft mates to start the ritual of the Douchebag Jar. Each time he says something 'douchey' he needs to put money in the jar. Schmidt and Cece hook up couple of times. Later, they admit their feelings towards each other. I should say, they look good together in some insane way! The season 1 finale featured Schmidt breaking up with Cece. I think they are far from it. The best part is, Schmidt is still in love with her.

 photo tumblr_lu084vpAtM1r14o02o1_500_zps8a2f108c.gif
As per the creator of the show, every episode is somewhat based on some incident that actually happened to someone in New Girl crew which they later on  may or may not modify! Nominated for best actress comedy(Jess) and best supporting actor (Schmidt) for the 2013 Golden Globes. I say, these guys are so hilariously full of life. A must watch. The latest episode 'Pepperwood' brought me to tears.. from laughing so hard for the entire show!

TheCouchPotatoSeries will be back soon!

TheCouchPotatoSeries 1

Monday, January 28, 2013

P.S 3

Some of you must have noticed that I had made some changes..in my blog. A makeover was needed- I was almost getting sick of the former look. Yes, the header is still a collage. It will remain so.. till I'm sick of it. Made some tweaks here and few there. Last time, the theme in my mind was bright colors. This time, I wanted colors- Yes. I wanted them muted, pastel-kinda-vintage look. The better half thinks I went a lil overboard with pink :|
I like happy colors and I cannot lie. :/

You like? Tell me you loved it. Didn't like? Get out of here. No, I'm serious! :||

P.S- P.S under a P.S post. :D  Just a heads up- Gotta listen to Florence + The Machine. I am addicted. Can's stop listening to her. You guys already know about her? Then, why the f*k didn't you tell me about her?! Anyhoo, the rest.. (if any) do listen to her.

Till next time, peace!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Weird Diaries - 1

When  random embarrassing moments in my life rush through my mind when least expected, I have this instantaneous urge to sing out loud. Like.. real loud resulting in people around me to nearly jump out of their skin. To top it off, most of the times it comes out off-key. In a lame effort to push that incident OUT of my mind! As if that helps. :|  I then, let out a heavy sigh, shrug my shoulders and think 'aah well..' and let the ignominious moment pass! :||

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Green creased skin.
Eyeballs ablaze.
Raspy breath.
A smirk on the face.
Scaled tail.
Under your bed.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Book Review - Trade Winds To Meluhha

Title: Trade Winds to Meluhha.
Author: Vasant Dave.
Publisher: Self Published.
Format: E-book.
Pages: 329.
Genre: Historical Fiction.
Blurb: Here.

I had received the e-book from the author in exchange for an honest opinion.

My Thoughts:
Set in 2138 BC the story is about Samasin a stable boy who is on a journey to find the truth behind a gruesome murder of which he was falsely accused. The events that follow, takes place mainly in Sumeria and Meluhha. The book grabbed my attention when the plot introduced the readers to a murder in the early stages. The protagonist is accused of committing the crime when his only folly was, he was present at the time of the murder. As fate would have it, Samasin escapes the death sentence by sheer luck. 
Samasin flees to Meluhha in order to find Siwa Saqra which was the last words uttered by the person who got murdered. 
As the plot advances, more characters are introduced and the spotlight from Samasin fades. In between the chapters, the view point changes from Samasin to new characters. I felt the depiction was a tad too descriptive and stretched out. The plot failed to keep up with the initial punch. I kept reading since I was curious to know what would happen to the protagonist, will he find his happy ending, 
The plot lights up once Samasin meets up with Siwa saqra. The author did a brilliant job concealing the real culprit from the readers almost till the end. For a little while it looked like the somebody else was the root of all evil. Other important characters- Anu the Fair, Velli, Elati, the captain. Even though these characters were mentioned in great detail. I quite didn't feel that there was depth in them except for Samasin. Their back stories lacked empathy. 
I should say the plot had great potential- a murder, stolen jewellery, love, adventure, flesh and opium trade, justice.
The language was crisp & immaculate. However, in some places it felt that there was a lack of emotion. It felt forced. Maybe it was because the author was trying to convey the historical authenticity. Therefore I would call it an assimilation of fiction and non fiction. If the plot was tad better paced , it would have been a more gripping tale. As I mentioned above, the author has tried to juggle between the direction of the plot & the historical accuracy.
It's clear that the author has done an extensive research before coming up with this book and that deserves appreciation. I wish the author best of luck for all his future endeavors!

My rating:
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Damn You, spam comments !!

I despise you. Oh yes, I do. I don't care about your cheap nfl jerseys. Yes, you do praise my blog posts. Its so damn evident that its NOT about my blog but its about your cheap jerseys. Nor do I care about warts or any other profanities which you seem to lay flat on my poor lil blog.

Therefore, DAMN YOU!!!  

Personally I'm not a fan of captcha code, the one where you have to type in random numbers or type the correct letters looking at a deformed one. Ughh!! Me loathe.
But you have left me no choice. I have decided to make the comments visible only after MY approval.  I'm sick and tired of deleting off 'wart' comments or 'private chat' comments.

My good readers, I am not talking about you. I value your comments. They are like steamed coffee on a cold cold morning. However these spam comments are eating me alive. It started with once in a while & now guess what, I get these every other day. How frustrating is that?!!! So from now on, when you comment you might have to see the dreaded captcha code and the 'visible only after the author's approval ' thingie.

Please bear with me.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Couch Potato Series 1

Like I have mentioned in some past post of mine, I was, never a Television  person...

 I can't believe, I am still saying that. You know what, just forget what I said before. I am a huge HUUGGEEE TV person.

Pheeww.. :f coming back to earth..this post is going to concentrate solely on television, well not exactly. Its about TV series' I have taken a particular liking/disliking to. Let me elaborate.
This year I had decided to bring about more 'traditions/series' in my blog. So this is going to be one of them.

The Couch Potato Series- where I rave, rant, applaud, shed my tears upon some TV series. Probably till I run out of TV series to watch or I get bored of this exercise, whichever happens first. The first show that came to my mind was Grey's Anatomy. But then, I had already written about it here. Um..now I'm racking my brains as to which TV series I should write about to kick start this series..
Okhai..faithful readers of ANS! would know that I 'm a sucker for Medical shows. No, I not going to write about House M.D...which I will, in future when I get to see the entire series. I am keeping that one to savor slowly and graciously.
Recently I began watching a medical show in CW network and I was all excited. The more medical shows the better.The name of the show is Emily Owens, M.D. The show revolves around the life of a first year intern, Emily Owens in Denver Memorial Hospital. Yes, that is quite similar to Grey's Anatomy  However, the similarities kinda ends there. The main character Emily Owens, is portrayed by Mamie Gummer (daughter of Meryl Streep).
Emily, with a history of being geeky and awkward, feels at her best when she joins Denver Memorial hospital as a first year intern. Thrilled that she will get to work with world renowned cardiologist Dr Gina Bandari.. she finds out that her college crush, Will Rider is also an intern like her. What more can she need?  Nevertheless, all good things must come to an abrupt end. Atleast that's what she feels, when she comes across her high school nemesis Cassandra Kopelson another intern at the same hospital. Now its high school all over again, not only does the competition between the 2 interns rise professionally but also in the matters of the heart.
Enter, the gorgeous and no nonsense Dr Bandari along with the oh-so-cute resident Dr Micha Barnes. I have been Team Micha from Day 1. I feel the Will chap doesn't deserve Emily. I so soo hope Micha & Emily will end up together.
From LtoR - Micah, Will, Emily, Dr Bandari, Cassandra
The show is an equal mixture of medical issues and the life of Emily. Her awkwardness, her insecurity, her neuroticism, her crush, her nemesis (ironically, the nemesis and the crush are a pair now.. talk about heartache) and how she tries to stay up in the medical career. She relies on 2 people she calls her friends- Tyra, another intern and Micha to survive in the cut throat medical field.

There is almost nothing wrong with this show. Mamie Gummer does an excellent job as quirky, awkward Emily. Unfortunately the show is about to get cancelled at the end of Season 1. Whaaatttt?! I'm heartbroken. I was just warming up to the show. How can they cancel such an awesome show?!!!!! Its been announced that the show will be terminated after the 13th episode. It was the 9th episode yesterday :(

Its sad, then again there are just so many TV shows to get emotionally attached to :D

TheCouchPotatoSeries will be back with yet another TV show.

Let peace be with you and be proud to be a couch potato! 8)

Monday, January 7, 2013

So.. that happened.

Look what popped up when I opened my homepage today morning. I'm not sure whether its clear enough. It says Happy Birthday Anisha! Yup!  :O Yea you guys can go ahead and wish me. :P

It was a pleasant surprise which soon felt a little creepy. Just because I use Google chrome and log into Gmail and almost NEVER log out..they knew my birthday..which makes me wonder what else do they know about me..** shudders** Not that I have any juicy stuff going on in my life :| 

Nevertheless, Thankyou Google :) 

Another year, another birthday, a year wiser?! Um.. not sure about the last part though. Even though I am miles away from my family and friends...this year I am at peace. I am still not forgotten by the ones that matter! You know who you are ;)

Its a beautiful day today. Clear blue skies adorned by white cotton candy clouds. The winter is not all that bitter. To eat take out in your PJs, to watch some movie curled up in your favorite spot in your couch. Simple pleasures, small gestures.. I am content. I am thankful.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Reading Challenge

I saw this Reading Challenge widget in Goodreads last year. I was tempted to participate then, however the probability of me not able to complete the challenge somehow prohibited me from participating. You see I tend to turn into a green eyed monster in awe when I meet readers who are so much more addicted to the magical world of books. Yes, I meant you, you and you! Hats off to you all though. Each time I logged into Goodreads I would think in my mind, I will do it in 2013. So here I am.
Last year I read 17 books. To be frank, I felt I could have done better. Even though I absolutely without doubt love reading books, there was lack of motivation last year. I remember, some of the times I even felt it was a chore. That feeling though, would soon pass when I get immersed into the plot. I didn't quite like this feeling. Reading and penning down thoughts always came easy for me. Then what happened now? I wondered. I could always say, "ahh life happened" or "I was busy" but deep down I would still know that would be the most lamest excuse ever! I always had time to read. I am yet to get comfy with reading via Kindle. Believe me, I love the lil thing. When it comes to reading, I need to feel the pages, smell the pages. I miss that when I am Kindling. I guess, I have to learn to make my Kindle reading experience an enjoyable one too.  See, the thing is I don't feel like as though I am reading a book. I am such a biased being. I really have to give the Kindle a chance. I almost feel sorry of it.
Anhoo, I hadn't made any new year resolutions till now. I turn 27 this year (within 2 days, as a matter of fact :| ) So I have decided 27 years, 27 books this year. This would be my new year resolution. I'm known for leaving resolutions undone or barely done. Let's see what happens. Kindle would play an important role in it. What is your reading challenge this year?

P.S- This year I have some traditions in mind. The first one 'Wordsy Wednesdays' back fired. I got bored of it :| 'Not too long' is still running and I love it. I'm a sucker for quotes. To know what will join the traditions group check in ANS! (Absolutely Not Sure!) end of this month.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Not too long ago 7

I thought I will kick start 2013 with Mr Coelho's quotes, one of my all time favorite authors!
Happy 2013 folks!