Saturday, January 5, 2013

2013 Reading Challenge

I saw this Reading Challenge widget in Goodreads last year. I was tempted to participate then, however the probability of me not able to complete the challenge somehow prohibited me from participating. You see I tend to turn into a green eyed monster in awe when I meet readers who are so much more addicted to the magical world of books. Yes, I meant you, you and you! Hats off to you all though. Each time I logged into Goodreads I would think in my mind, I will do it in 2013. So here I am.
Last year I read 17 books. To be frank, I felt I could have done better. Even though I absolutely without doubt love reading books, there was lack of motivation last year. I remember, some of the times I even felt it was a chore. That feeling though, would soon pass when I get immersed into the plot. I didn't quite like this feeling. Reading and penning down thoughts always came easy for me. Then what happened now? I wondered. I could always say, "ahh life happened" or "I was busy" but deep down I would still know that would be the most lamest excuse ever! I always had time to read. I am yet to get comfy with reading via Kindle. Believe me, I love the lil thing. When it comes to reading, I need to feel the pages, smell the pages. I miss that when I am Kindling. I guess, I have to learn to make my Kindle reading experience an enjoyable one too.  See, the thing is I don't feel like as though I am reading a book. I am such a biased being. I really have to give the Kindle a chance. I almost feel sorry of it.
Anhoo, I hadn't made any new year resolutions till now. I turn 27 this year (within 2 days, as a matter of fact :| ) So I have decided 27 years, 27 books this year. This would be my new year resolution. I'm known for leaving resolutions undone or barely done. Let's see what happens. Kindle would play an important role in it. What is your reading challenge this year?

P.S- This year I have some traditions in mind. The first one 'Wordsy Wednesdays' back fired. I got bored of it :| 'Not too long' is still running and I love it. I'm a sucker for quotes. To know what will join the traditions group check in ANS! (Absolutely Not Sure!) end of this month.


  1. Good luck for your reading challenge! I can safely bet you will complete it this year. ;) Hope you get to read great books and have fun reading those!

    I agree with your point about the Kindle. I use it more like a device for light reading, even though I've read a couple of solid books in that, but still. Paperbacks are better. Just biased ;)

    Looking forward to those 'traditions' ;)

  2. I'm sure you can do 27! Include some comics - a little cheating is healthy! :)


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