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Book Review - Trade Winds To Meluhha

Title: Trade Winds to Meluhha.
Author: Vasant Dave.
Publisher: Self Published.
Format: E-book.
Pages: 329.
Genre: Historical Fiction.
Blurb: Here.

I had received the e-book from the author in exchange for an honest opinion.

My Thoughts:
Set in 2138 BC the story is about Samasin a stable boy who is on a journey to find the truth behind a gruesome murder of which he was falsely accused. The events that follow, takes place mainly in Sumeria and Meluhha. The book grabbed my attention when the plot introduced the readers to a murder in the early stages. The protagonist is accused of committing the crime when his only folly was, he was present at the time of the murder. As fate would have it, Samasin escapes the death sentence by sheer luck. 
Samasin flees to Meluhha in order to find Siwa Saqra which was the last words uttered by the person who got murdered. 
As the plot advances, more characters are introduced and the spotlight from Samasin fades. In between the chapters, the view point changes from Samasin to new characters. I felt the depiction was a tad too descriptive and stretched out. The plot failed to keep up with the initial punch. I kept reading since I was curious to know what would happen to the protagonist, will he find his happy ending, 
The plot lights up once Samasin meets up with Siwa saqra. The author did a brilliant job concealing the real culprit from the readers almost till the end. For a little while it looked like the somebody else was the root of all evil. Other important characters- Anu the Fair, Velli, Elati, the captain. Even though these characters were mentioned in great detail. I quite didn't feel that there was depth in them except for Samasin. Their back stories lacked empathy. 
I should say the plot had great potential- a murder, stolen jewellery, love, adventure, flesh and opium trade, justice.
The language was crisp & immaculate. However, in some places it felt that there was a lack of emotion. It felt forced. Maybe it was because the author was trying to convey the historical authenticity. Therefore I would call it an assimilation of fiction and non fiction. If the plot was tad better paced , it would have been a more gripping tale. As I mentioned above, the author has tried to juggle between the direction of the plot & the historical accuracy.
It's clear that the author has done an extensive research before coming up with this book and that deserves appreciation. I wish the author best of luck for all his future endeavors!

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  1. very nicely written. one little bone to pick with you: if the book's self-published, maybe you could mention that. it's so much more effort for self-pub authors to market themselves and i think knowing that would make more people buy the book if it sounds interesting.

    1. Hey, thankyou for the feedback icyguy :) I have made the necessary amends!


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