Monday, January 28, 2013

P.S 3

Some of you must have noticed that I had made some my blog. A makeover was needed- I was almost getting sick of the former look. Yes, the header is still a collage. It will remain so.. till I'm sick of it. Made some tweaks here and few there. Last time, the theme in my mind was bright colors. This time, I wanted colors- Yes. I wanted them muted, pastel-kinda-vintage look. The better half thinks I went a lil overboard with pink :|
I like happy colors and I cannot lie. :/

You like? Tell me you loved it. Didn't like? Get out of here. No, I'm serious! :||

P.S- P.S under a P.S post. :D  Just a heads up- Gotta listen to Florence + The Machine. I am addicted. Can's stop listening to her. You guys already know about her? Then, why the f*k didn't you tell me about her?! Anyhoo, the rest.. (if any) do listen to her.

Till next time, peace!


  1. loved the new vintage look!!!!
    The Eiffel Tower looks adorable '<3'

  2. It's totally cute. Yep, a little more subtle than the previous one, yep, pastel-like and nope, you've not gone overboard with pink. Pink anyway is super cute! :)

  3. @manaNmind & Ashna - Thankyou Girls :D

  4. I love you girl for the link...I do.
    And about the new look...the header is cute,just like all the pink(which somehow goes with your blog and in a good way too and I detest pink otherwise) but I don't see too many other changes...and vintage huh...maybe more lace or crochet or something...the better half will be howling in despair though!;)

    1. You are welcome girl!
      I had lace in my mind..but then it looked too paled out. So out it went. :)

  5. Again..adding one more adorable thing to my list :)loved you choice and pink suits a sweet person like you.wish you lots of best wishes.


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