Monday, January 7, 2013

So.. that happened.

Look what popped up when I opened my homepage today morning. I'm not sure whether its clear enough. It says Happy Birthday Anisha! Yup!  :O Yea you guys can go ahead and wish me. :P

It was a pleasant surprise which soon felt a little creepy. Just because I use Google chrome and log into Gmail and almost NEVER log out..they knew my birthday..which makes me wonder what else do they know about me..** shudders** Not that I have any juicy stuff going on in my life :| 

Nevertheless, Thankyou Google :) 

Another year, another birthday, a year wiser?! Um.. not sure about the last part though. Even though I am miles away from my family and friends...this year I am at peace. I am still not forgotten by the ones that matter! You know who you are ;)

Its a beautiful day today. Clear blue skies adorned by white cotton candy clouds. The winter is not all that bitter. To eat take out in your PJs, to watch some movie curled up in your favorite spot in your couch. Simple pleasures, small gestures.. I am content. I am thankful.


  1. Happy happy 27th to you, lady :D :D

  2. happy b'day dear girl ! your post sounds beautiful and may this continue in the year ahead :) have fun !

  3. belated happy birthday... (ya,sorry m late :o)


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